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bad leaves

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im using bio bizz all round soil with biobizz food bio bloom4mil per litre of water and top max 2mil per litre my ph was a bit high at about 7.0 for the first 6 weeks managed too get it down too5.9/6.o dont know my ec, my temps have been 26 degree day and 24 night been on 12/12 for 35 days nowunder a 600 single spectrum flower bulb flushed on day 14 and have just flushed again 5 days ago this has just started over the last 5/7 days



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the recommended ph range for soil grows is around 6.3 - 6.8 but you should not go under that as the microherd living in the soil wont like it and the nutrients are absorbed better with that range.

if you got 7ph after mixing or somewhere in there the nutes should work just fine the soil is good at buffering water ph down to correct levels but its not good at bringing it up if you ph under 6.3, infact biobizz says you should not add any hydroponic ph down products in there soil or acids

a wider picture of the plant would be better to analyse it is very hard to say anything from just one leave. you said biobizz food bio bloom4mil per litre of water and top max 2mil did you drop the grow nutes completely? if so there is probably not enough N in the mix, you should give the grow thru out the flowering with the bloom depending on the plants needs

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hey man, well like it's been said 5,9 is a little low, and it might be the PH fluctuation that caused this as they went from7 or above toa lot lower it might have caused some little troubles for the plant to eat, i would have continue with the 7 PH if the lady was doing fine before, but now that you chaged try to go back more around 6,3 and it shoul stop if it was due to PH.

Good luck man

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i only dropped the grow bcoz of biobizz feedin chart was givin 1 week flowering chart so tweeket it to an 8 week thought i was doin the ryt thing but obviously not!!

i will re do the grow with the bloom and max but gently to try and bring them round hop0efully as i only have 3 weeks with these girls left will put up other photos as my xbox wont let me post photos but its all over the 3 girls can but try

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Hi man, raise the pH of a 0.5 + would be a good idea.is the fast that I know to raise the soil pH is lime, but do not overdo it because it would be very difficult undertaking wash it off the ground.good luck

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