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best strains for outdoor in the UK.

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I know many growers in the UK have trouble finishing due to poor weather, which ultimately stunts growth or starts bud rot. lets here from you, strains which work best for you and ones which don't. my top 3 are: purple maroc (finishes everytime, great results but not a massive fan of high from purples. The church: always finishes, mould of 1 out of 9 which is not bad at all, tried this a few years back so strain is probably much more established now with 100% finishing rate. easy sativa: this was a pleasure, took 7 weeks! how is this possible for a sativa?? awesome strain. all 3 have worked well for me. what are your top 3?

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nice share would be nice indeed if UK growers could share what worked for them because we often have UK members asking ^^ did you try AMS in uk?

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hey, nope. and I know I should, as "anti mould system" sounds like the best option for damp rainy climate!! I think its one which will be tried this year, however, I will always use easy sativa and try others along with that. what would you recommend along with AMS? I usually just make a big hole, fill with compost mixed with guano and perlite, that's a mix I try to use wherever, its awesome and gives the leaves that waxy appearance. il post a picture tomorrow of some unknown strain being grown with that mixture, and let me know what you think!

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usually white rhino has nice results outdoor and is pretty resistant, and as you like sativa hawaiian snow maybe? she is pretty fast on some phenos, and i think pretty resistant too

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I smoked that in march along with king hassain at the greenhouse. was really nice, but I don't think it would ever finish here, I dunno whats up with easy sativa, it looks like sativa, smokes like sativa, but flowers like some super quick indica. unbelievable outdoor strain.

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