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Chu Valley


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I am born in Kazachstan but living in Germany since 11 y. old.

There is not much about the Valley on the Internet, but near every one from kazachstan know well about this beatiful place!

This Valley is realy huge, the Weed grows naturaly (the strongest survive). Lenin/Stalin already tried to destroy this Valley in the past, they burned and whatsnot but failed, the seeds are everywhere. This whole Destroy-Thing just make it stronger than before.

Anyway this Weed is well known in whole Ruassia to :).

Here some Links (translated by google in english)

Wikipedia: translate.google.de/translate

Cannabisnature.ru: translate.google.com/translate

a short but Nice Youtube Video:

seriously Guys go for the famous Chu Valley, you will probably find the best Strains on this Planet, selected by Nature!

Just take a look on this Plant on youtube at 1:13, the hardest survive!

PS: an this is for you "King" ;), this Strains are strong "Psychoactive".

candidate for president from Chu-Valley :) (nice huh?, this is not a photoshop pic, official photo)



Edit1: just a Video about few Chu-Guys somewhere in the Valley :

Edit2: Chu Valley, few Plants rutube.ru/tracks/1546197.html

Edit3: "The Beatles" (band) were 1 Month in Chu-Valley in sommer 1966!

After that they made the Album "magical mystery tour" :). Link: video.kp.ru/video/view/

Edit4: No comments? :) Ok..let me bump that with this: Gues where Cannabis is from? The first Cannbis ever is from Kasachstan. :) just watch www.youtube.com/watch So get the real Roots of Cannabis!

Greetz from Germany


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i have pics about chu valley (shu is right, shu is name of a river there) by american photographer, he was there summer 2009. how can i post pics here? ghs guys can take trip to Tuva Republic, it will be very interesting for them. there is a super potent wild strain.

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the requested url was not found on this server browser window said.

when i click on picture i see popup window in russian language (i'm from russia) and there is -browse server- but no -upload box-. fuzzy i can send you screenshots to email, send me this to pm plz. we need solve this problem.

Link below is a documentary about Republic of Tuva and its wild very potent cannabis landrace.


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Hi thank you edge for shareing the information. I want to revive this important topic.

Please do you have further information, how to get some seeds ?


wouldnt it be great to have a natural pure landrace strain, to see some natural truth ?

It would be mind opening for any grower, i think.


natural truth > commercial truth.



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