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Heat and Drought resistant strains?

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I would like to ask a question to someone who is older and has true experience with different genetics from different parts of the world.

I read a scary article today about global warming and it said that in 20 years from now it will be so hot. They may be just trying to scare, but it could be true also.

So I would like to ask: What strains have a potential for good resistance to drought and high temperatures? Would it be indica family, sativa family, ruderallis or some kind of thing in-between?  I don't think hybrids have really had enough experience to be tested like this right?

So give me the name of a variety/landrace that has potential to stand up to the problems of global warming.


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well the most suited plant will probably be a good hybrid dispite the fact it is pretty young ^^ but actually i think any strain would modify it's shape to suit the weather with the years, like in the india documentary, remember the same sativa dominant strain getting wider leaves with altitude to counter the oxygen diference and maybe heat diference also because i think the sun is stronger on high altitudes, so our strains would probably adapt, but a good mix of sativa indica would do fine if it is really dry and with no mold problems.

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