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Grassy Gnoll

Afgooey and Money Maker questions

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I have ordered the Afgooey and Money Maker for my next few grows. I have a small tent that is only 2ft x 2ft (60cm x 60cm). I usually grow two autoflowers in here, but have decided to switch back to photoperoid plants for a while. I'd like to grow one Afgoo and one MM per cycle. I'd like the plants to get no bigger than 3 ft (1m). I grow in Foxfarm Ocean Forest (w/ added perlite) in 3 gallon pots. I also use their fertilizers. My artificial sun is generated by a California Lightworks Solar Flare 200 Watt LED.


My questions are: At what size would you suggest I switch to 12/12? Should I go up to 20L (5GAL) pots? Anything else?


Oh, and please don't tell me to switch to an HID. I <3 my light, thanks very much! Oh, and I might just make a journal for this. I'm sure some Strain Hunters fans want to see more plants before they buy seeds. Especially those on a commercial scale.



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well for sure you can make a journal for it ;) i'll be one of the hunters happy to follow it ;)


For your seeds 1 of the MM pheno is a little more stretchy than the others, i think the best to keep  a nice controled canopy, and especially to use your led efficiently would be to make a little SCROG or at least bend them to control a little the canopy and have the maximum of tops at the top of the canopy, as you must know probably the LEDS don't have a hudge penetration in the plant, so by doing this it should help you get the most out of it :)


otherwise for a 1m plant usually i vegged around 2-3 weeks, the afgooey isn't a huge stretcher neither, grows nicely but not sativa style, not the ones i've seen at least ;)


Good luck man

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Thanks, Dust! Pretty much confirms my research on the strains. Saw a couple journals here, but mostly of sea of green. I can't really do that at the moment, so I'm glad some companies make feminized seeds. Also, I thought both of these strains were S1. Wouldn't that eliminate much variance in the genotype?


This is another thing I wish more seed companies would do. Yes, feminized S1 seeds "screw up the genetics" or however you want to phrase it, but for a small home grower like me, they are a godsend! We're not breeding with them, and we need CHEAP ones because we have to keep coming back for more. When the laws change or I move somewhere else that allows me to breed and grow sea of green, you can bet I'll remember the companies who catered to the needs of this personal, medicinal grower.


As to LED penetration, I can't really speak about a 5-6 foot tall plant, but for 3 footers, they work great!


Thanks again, Dust. I may get a journal up, but I have to finish an Advanced Biodiesel Mass auto and Flash Sour Diesel Haze auto. Should be done by Valentine's Day. Oh, and of course my Attitude order has to clear customs... Go, Go, Lazy Holiday Postal Workers!!!



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well yes it elminates the biggest parts of the phenotypes probably with the S1, but you still have a few dominant traits that can come out, on the afgooey i have seen 2 mainly, and maybe a third one but it's dificult to say as all the plants are grown in diferents regions etc.. and for the MM so far it's the same i've seen mainly 2 phenos and a 3rd that comes out ocasionaly.


and for your biodiesel don't hesitate and the other girls don't be scared to share them also ;) We like aLL the ladies in here :rabbi: :rabbi:

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