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Yellow and poor coloring of plant/s

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H i Strainhunters,

I'm seeking advice/knowledge regarding some odd cocloring and yellow on some of my plant leafs.

yelllow spots that seem to emante from center of plant

this plant is about 70days from germination(this is a xstrain of Pineapplechunk and AK-47,this is the third seed to pop,the other two stunted and died.)

all soil grows,foxfarm20%,happyfrog20%,localcompst20%,perlite35%,   this mix is "lightened up"with peat moss(neutral ph)

1 us gallon 2/3 filled(started in peat pod,transplanted)

temps are an issue here during winter months.60degree F humidity 50/60%,

spring water ph 7

small amounts, bout a 1/2cup per day sometimes less

lights are CFL 4footers,six of them

distance from plant about 12" above

room dims  5'-0length/ 2.5'-0wide/ 4'-0 depth( 3steps 12,24,bottom

nine inch diameter fan

lights are 24/7 in this space.









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To me it would seem that the problem is almost all nutrient related. What nutrients are you using?


The only other thing ill say, is dont water her everyday. That might be washing your nutrients right out of the soil. Only water the plant when the top inch or 2 of the soil is dry to the touch. 

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I moved this one into  a 2gallon pot.we'll see.the top is lookng like I may want to pinch it off?cutting back on water.nutrients in soil.good soil mix.working on more heat.hardwire some electric small space heater.I just notice this evening that another plant had similar colors.




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