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maxing out your space

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Saw a garden with a questionable light to plant ratio and it brought an interesting topic to my head.

From my experience a 1000 watt light will do nicely in a 8x8 room.

Suppose you only use one plant, what if you added 2 more 1000 watt lights and remain with one plant. My general knowledge is that it's not about plant count but grams per watt produced. At what point does the cannabis plant go into light shock. I assume 10x 1000 watts for one plant might be over kill,but maybe not.

Any thoughts are welcomed


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been running 2x 600w in a dr 120 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m for 3 lady's, they got some light burn from it, heat was not an issue. had to dim one ballast to 400w to avoid light burns so 3x 1k could be a bit overkill for one lady,

not sure about harvest yet as i still have 6 weeks left of this test


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The plants will give you the solution to your question. When the amount of light (lumens) is excessive, they rotate blades, not all the light pick front because excessive.


Another interesting issue, it is always better to put two lamps 600, a 1000 (and not for the extra 200w, but because in relation to consumption, 600w lamps provide more lumens).



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My first set up was using a 600 but when I made the jump to 3000+ watt grows it was more cost effective at the time to only have to get 3 of everything.... I guess the question is how many lumens can a plant take before it is stressed. ...

After some searching I found this awesome article in high times.

Read this shit***


Read that shit ^^^

For those of you who can't read <lol>it says the most a plant can handle is 5000 lumens per Sq ft using 2000ppm of co2..

Fuck ya for the Internet and Google x]

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