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slow growing autos?

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I planted out 3 Autoflowering Seeds 28 days ago.. the spot there in get's a good amount of sunlight. I've given them very mild doses of superthrive thus far. they are still so tiny. three or four sets of leaves but only two inches tall & just very small. I've only been visiting the garden once a week to water. that is my best guess as to why they are growing so slowly. does anybody know what else it could be? Do I just need to water more?

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Hello there first of all you don't need autos for outdoors they are for indoors only if you want a strain that flowers quickly outdoors may I suggest an early skunk variety like early girl. Ok lets try and narrow some things down here have you got good fertiliser in your hole like blood and bone or fish meal or chook shit, or cow shit or horse shit to add nitrogen to your soil very important for young plants to grow or have you got potting mix in the hole. your hole is the most important part of your outdoor grow. Have you got your season right with it being spring and is warm weather to grow in. And you must water every day or the very minimum every second day never let your holes dry out to much especially when the plants are young use an old 2 litre plastic milk or juice or coke bottle to water with and then you know your plants are getting 2 litres every water and is easy to apply liquid fertiliser only use small amounts of the liquid fert and increase as plant gets older but less is best so you don't burn your plants. Super thrive is ok but me personally I would go to a garden shop and get a all round liquid fertiliser that is blood and bone based or fish or seaweed based that will take you from start to finish with your plants one that has N.P.K and S if you can but just N.P.K readings would be fine and the ones I have suggested will add a nice taste to your smoke. I can't stress enough on your hole preparation if you find that your plants aint going well you may need to bite the bullet and start over again. I hope this has helped another thing is you got to spend money to get awesome plants if you need any help on any of the stuff I have said don't be afraid to ask

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Totally appreciate all your advice.. I've learned so much this season (and failed so much). I'm spending all winter plotting and planning my grows for next spring. Might be a dumb question but why can't autoflowering plants be grown outside? Even if given ideal conditions? That was going to be one whole section of my grow.. The "auto section"

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You want regular or feminised seeds because the outdoor growing style does all the work for you it all buds by them selves when they are good and ready and this is done in Autumn to winter. The auto has been designed for indoor use you can keep your lights on 18/6 or 20/4 for auto which is for veg and the plant will start budding automatically hence the name auto and you don't need to switch your lights to 12/12 for budding. I have heard of people using auto seeds for outdoor but the plant will still grow as a normal seed or fem seed strain waste of time sell or swap the seeds for feminised seeds and then for outdoor id go with sativa cross strain and if you do your homework right 12 foot monsters all day

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Well not 100% true. auto flowering grows as good outdoors as indoor. They do have the ruderalis gene in them and that is a perfectly normal ganja strain mostly fund where it is a colder environment. They are not "made" to be indoor they are just "made" to grow where ever you fancy.
As an example autos thrive in Sweden due to our long sunlight and bright nights.
People have them because of the fast grow time plus they can handle cold temps very very good.

I have grown them a few times outdoors with great result as many of my friends around the world. But i agree with Snake, if you got the sun, the time and patience you might as well grow some regular seeds.

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