help me find kush in india

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can anyone please help me find kush in india 

not the indian weed but pure kush strains pleaseee

thankyou :))

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Well, you are more likely to find Kush indicas in Afghanistan than you are to find it in India. But in India, you are more likely to find Kush in the north. South India tends to have more sativas, like Kerala and Black Ganja. But then again, there are more crosses being grown everywhere now, and pure strains are harder to find. Kush has been bread into just about everything out there now. 


Are you looking for Kush plants, dried flowers, hashish, seeds, or just Kush in general?

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i am looking for kush buds to smoke i cant grow because itll be too difficult to grow here

just in general kush to smoke up xD

i have heard people are getting kush in india through  dark web but i dont wanna take that risk !!


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This forum is here to educate persons about cannabis.  If one desires to learn, he can learn how to grow cannabis by studying this forum.


This forum does not sell marijuana, nor do we help you to buy marijuana.


If you must have marijuana and you do not wish to grow it for yourself, then all that is left for you is the risky proposition of getting your weed from the streets.


Trading or arranging for trading is not allowed in this forum.

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