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my name is amit and i from israel  , Im big supporter of leagalizatoin.

im a student and i use weed to settle down after long days or gf problems ;)

Im inidica guy!

Tomorrow I will be in Barcelona, have recommendations?

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Aww, maan.


You just missed the ExpoGrow 2017.  It was just last weekend.


Your visit should be quite interesting considering the political situation going on there.


1.  Catalonia wanting to become independent from Spain, and Spain working politically to block the Catalonia referendum and arresting some protesters.  And it may come to pass that Spain might deploy troops to stop the protests.


2.  Locals in Barcelona are petitioning the Barcelona government against the tourists taking all the available housing, and against the noise and problems of tourism.



Your trip may be very interesting indeed.

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Hello Amitz1991 and welcome to forum :)


Yes, indeed the political situation in Barcela is somewhat altered. We recommend you just watch :)

Barcena is a fantastic city, sure you can enjoy it.


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