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superbluehaze - white lemon, pheno 1 - 16-01-2011

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I will be thunder struck when I smoke this shit!

woppi do da de da day,

I will be on the moon that day.

I have two white lemon plants, and at the moment they appear to be 2 different pheno types;

On this video I only show the one plant;

I will upload another video tonight, with more detail on growth patterns, inter node lengths and growth rates.

this silver lemon is slightly more sativa in growth pattern;

she has a shorter inter node length than my other white Lemon;(5mm as compared to 7mm)

I have noticed that they do not like too much nitrogen or a very high EC level.( last week of growth an Ec of 1.2)

my space is 8 feet by 5 feet with about 8 feet of height.

Over the top I have 2,200 watts:

1 by 600 watt halide.

1 by 600 watt sunpulse 3k halide

1 by 1000 watt sunpulse 3k halide.

soon to add another 600 watt halide sunpulse.

I will then air cool the lights.


it is summer here and I have a large room(14feet by 11 feet by 12 feet high).

I do run an 1 and three quarter h.p air conditioner but as the room is large and with the heat of summer here my day temps are not ideal;

During lights on 29c at the top of the plants.

Night time temp is 25c(as I run the lights at night, and during the day with the heat of summer,

it is the best I can do without using too much power and running my power bill over the top.)


I will put up the video of the other white lemon today.

This phenotype has an inter node length of around 5mm.

Although more sativa like in its growth pattern( it is taller than the other pheno, just over 1 meter high) it has a smaller inter node length.

The differences between them are subtle, but are now becoming more pronounced as the plant flowers and expresses its full phenotype.

The buds on this plant are longer and thinner, than the other pheno.

The shape and color of the leaves is lighter as well, and as it expresses its pheno type the leaves are becoming more sativa like(thin and long).

my plants have only been on a 12/12 cycle for 7 days but all are showing early flower development.

This is because they are around 8 weeks old, and are physiologically ready to flower.

and I turn the lights down slowly over a 10 day period, 16 hours, 15, 14 etc.

my grow space is 8 feet by 5 feet or almost 3 meters by around 1.3 meters

happy growing,


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Excelent, my friend!

You bring a fresh perspective to me, but for you its the normal very literate knowledge.

Always learning here, my friend!

Take care

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here is phenotype 2 of the white lemon.

Details are on the video(inter node length, leaf shape and flower structure.)

This pheno of the white lemon is more indica like, though the differences are subtle, but as they both flower, then the two phenotypes will be more noticeable

happy growing, john

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Nice john..where do you get your pots from this method of growing is starting to intrest me alot as i am using clay for my bubba Kush in a home made set up and impressed with the results so far. so looking around as some of the systems ar pretty pricey. Jay rayans looks like a wicked set up too and that looks home made so weighing up all my options.

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hi h3erbalizer,

i checked out the Exodus cheese, but could not find much on it, except that it was orginally a clone for skunk 1.

I use 52 liter pots normall, but the white lemon are in 18 litre pots, inside an other pot.

The systems are pricey.

What you can do is buy another 52 liter pot without holes and place one pot inside another,

and this way you can set up a pump or a run to wastre sytem

and it is heaps cheaper than buying a ready made system.

Here is why I get my gear from ( He sells both 2o litre, 42 and 52 liter pots, with and without holes.):

thanks for stopping by, mate;

happy growing,


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Well I have installed air cooled lightening,

and I now have 2800 watts of lightening, 2,200 of which is sun pluse bulbs, 3K.

My grow space is 2.4 meters by 1.5 meters with well over 2 meters height;

so at around 700 watts per square meter, they will go crazy now.

The two white lemon are starting to show their phenotypes.

Pheno 1 has reduced her inter nodes done from 7mm to 2 to 3 mm at the top of the branch,

Temperature is not ideal, but not too bad either as it is the middle of summer here.

Lights on it is 29c at the top of the plants, and with lights off - 24 c.

Humidity stays between 50 to 60%

It is unsual for plants to have this much flower development at 14 days.

All the plants switched and were showing flower development within a few days.


I, firstly, veg for at least 8 weeks, as I not only like to see the full expression of each phenotype,

but as the plant is older, it is physiologically ready to flower.

Secondly, I turn the lights down slowly over a 10 day to 2 week period: 17 hours for 2 days, 16 hours for 2 to 3 days, 15 hours for 2 days, 14 hours for 4 days, 13 hours for 3 to 4 days, and then 12 hours.

Nutrients: I use both chemicals and organics, and grow hydroponically but hand water the plants,

as this gives me greater control over individual nutrient requirements, as each plant is different in its nutrient requirements.

Hand watering also allows me to let the plants dry out, and move between a wet and damp cycle, which is important for the plant to absorb calcium, magnesium and other elements.

I use Nutrifield (an Australian company started by a research scientist),

I also use Cyco chemical nutrients

I grow in large 52 liter pots, and use various mediums: a mixture of flytocell and perlite or coco;

I start them off on a mixture coco and perlite.

At the moment I am feeding the plants; a chemical nutrient as a base(around .4 to .5 of the total EC) to this I add depending on what the plant requires:

Fish emulsion, Zyme, potassium and phosphorous, Silicon(Cyco brand) Fulvic and humic acid(organic), cargo boost( nutrient delivery) and sea weed.

I also use a range of Friendly bacteria and fungi to aid root development and nutrient absorption.

When using organics(especially with Cargo Boost and fish emulsion) it is important to use a lower EC.

The nutrients in the organic products are not immediately available to the plant, as they have to be broken down by the micro organisms in the medium and then become soluble salts which the plant can absorb.

The nutrients are not yet soluble so they will not register on the EC meter, which can only measure dissolved salts, and not organic nutrients held in suspension.

Therefore, when using organics and chemicals together it is important to run a lower Ec to allow for the breaking down of the organic material into soluble salts.

The EC at the moment is 1.4

I water about every week to 10 days, depending on the plant requirements.

It is important during flowering to let the plants dry out a bit, as they need to be able to absorbed various elements into to bloom fully. .

The rest is on the video:

happy growing,


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True monsters those white lemons!

They sure will harvest good stars! :)

Take care, my friend!

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thank you Romeu;

i have the air colled lights up now.

i will post on it soon

all the best, my friend

and happy growing,


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Thank you anguscr,

it is slowly getting to the place where i want my grow room to be.

happy growing, my friend


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no doubt you will have the room, my friend, one day.

The room where I grow is actually my bedroom and I sleep in the lounge;

I di like the see the full expression of the phenotype;

thanks for having a look copious.

happy growing, mate


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thank you for having a look Franco. I really appreciate it.i am really looking forward to harvest, myself.happy crossing,john

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The white lemon is now in its 25th day of bloom.

The 2 phenotypes are not fully expressing themselves.

The are now in 52 liter pots, as I was getting some yellowing of the leaves because they had become root bound.

If you look at the leaves, you will notice that they has a potassium deficency, which I have now cleared up.

I was using too much fish emulsion and I think this caused a nutrient imbalance which resulted in the deficency.

my grow area is 8 feet by 5 feet with around 2.5 meters in height.I have now 2,800 watts of lighting, air cooled.The plants are now well over 1 meter tall.

Temperatures are not ideal as it is summer here and the outside temps during the day can reach to over 40c, and of a night, when I run the lights, the outside temp is still in the high 20's.

the temp is 30 c at the top of the plants, and in their night, it is around 27c.

My EC is 1.5 to 1.6

ph is around 6

happy growing,john

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looking amazing i think you gonna be the one to show what the white lemons all about, fuckin spectacular grow area bruv!

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hi john

how long do you veg?

what do you grow your plants in, soil, hydro etc?

im sure you will sort that plants out, they are looking very nice.

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Here is a link to my post last week:

this is only one phenotype(a) in the white lemon;

I have 2 different phenotypes in the white lemon

she is almost 2 meters now and around one meter wide.

I had some problems with salt build up in my medium but that has now been solved with a flush.

Ec is 1.6

Ph is 6

i have increased the levels of potassium and phosphorous, and decreased the levels of nitrogen


happy growing, john

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I am pleased to hear that Tokage;

it is an amazing strain; the more I see her develop the more admiration I have for Franco;

she is looking amazing, and at 4 weeks, one pheno is already covered in crystals.

she is going to live up to her name "WHITE lemon"

take care my friend, and enjoy.

I hope u can start to grow soon.

stay light


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The above is a link to last weeks report.

After having some problems with salt build up in my medium, the plants have returned to full growth again.

I use 52 liter pots and my medium is a mixture of per light and flytocel.

I hand water.

The nutrients I use are base part a and b,

Alaskan pure( seaweed and other organics high in potassium and phosphorus)

Fulife, which is an electrolyte consisting of organic fulvic and Humic acids)

a range of Friendly Bacteria and fungi

Cargo Boost( which is a patented nutrient delivery product which allows the plant to absorb the available nutrients more easily, and thus allows the running of lower EC levels).

As I use Cargo Boost, my Ec level is lower than normal at 1.4

pH is from 5.9 to 6.2.

I have changed my watering practices so that now I water with at least 12 liters of nutrient, and I collect the run off and monitor EC levels against what was put into the pot and pH levels so that i know salt is not building up in my medium:

Lighting I have increased to 3, 100 watts

The 2 white lemon are over 1.7 meters tall, and have now stopped stretching, and the buds are filling out.

Here are the plants all together in my grow room: grow%20room.JPG

the white lemon - phenotype 1 is 1.7 meters tall, and this is her 35th day of 12/12.

this plant as it bllomed has shown its phenotype fully:


and phno 1 again;




and again:


and again;


and again:


and lastly:


Phenotype 1, although it had a longer internode length is the most indica of the two phenotypes.

Phenotype 2:

this plant has a shorter internode length, but is more sativa like in his over all growth and bud formation:

it is approaching 2 mters high


and again:






and now all together, with white lemon pheno 2 in the foreground:


and again;


happy growing,


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completely amazing!!!

That's pornography! Fortunately we are all 18+! :D

Congratulations, my dear friend! What un outcome!! And still growing! :D

Take care!!!!

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Amazing girls my friend.... Those white Lemons are awesome & seems that the Cargo Boost works great!!! Lovely wor!!! Keep them growing my friend!!!!

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