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Found 8 results

  1. Hello friends, Back with a new journal... this time I've experimented some GH Exodus Cheese and also some Bubba Kush. A total of 6 plants in my boxes and used only a 600w HPS and also a 400w HPS (basicaly for the same amount of plants I used 600w more but because it was scheduled during the months of august to mid october I can't ad 600w because the heat inside the box was too high... For nutriment I've choose to work with Greenhouse Powder Feeding Hybrid + Power Feeding Booster... and feel happy of this choice So here we with some pictures from week 1 to week 12... unfortunaly I've lost some of my last pictures (some of the most interesting like the focus on the plant before cut them...) but I think this journal can be interesting anyway. Hope you'll like it ! Cheers & respect ... EVOLUTION6666 PS: I'll post personal comment of my session after the pictures....
  2. Welcome world & hoe gaat het Strain Hunters! Genetics: Green House Seeds Bubba Kush (Bubblegum x Kush) Mostly Indica Breeder suggests 9wk flower(Breeder Info) Germinated in 48hrs. ¼” taproot showing when planted. Wet paper towel method. Grandaddy Purple Seeds Bay 11 (Appalachia X OG Kush) Appalachia is Green Crack x Tres DawG. Tres DawG is Chem Dawg d x Double Dawg. Mostly Sativa Breeder Suggests 10wks flower Germinated in 48hrs. ¼” taproot showing when planted. Wet paper towel method. [*] DNA Genetics La Chocolat (LA Confidential x Chocolope) LA Confidential is O.G. LA Affie x Afghani. Chocolope is O.G. Chocolate Thai x Cannalope Haze 60/40 Indica:Sativa Breeder suggests 8-9wks flower(Breeder Info) Germinated in 48hrs. ¼” taproot showing when planted. Wet paper towel method. [*] Emerald Triangle Seeds Blueberry Headband (Blueberry 76 x OG Kush Emerald OG x Cali Sour D} x Bubba Kush pre98) 50/50 Indica:Sativa Breeder suggests 9wks flower(Breeder Info) Germinated in 48hrs. ¼” taproot showing when planted. Wet paper towel method. [*] TGA Subcool Seeds Ace Of Spades (Black Cherry Soda x Jack The Ripper ).Black Cherry Soda is an Unknown Strain.. Jack The Ripper is Jacks Cleaner x Space Queen. Jacks Cleaner is {Pluton x Lambsbread x Purple Haze x Northern Lights} x Jack Herer}. Space Queen is Romulan x C-99 70/30 Indica:Sativa Breeder suggests 8wks flower(Breeder Info) Germinated in 48hrs. ¼” taproot showing when planted. Wet paper towel method. [*] Grandaddy Purple Seeds Original Grandaddy Purple((Purple Haze hybrid) 100p Indica 8-14wks flower(Breeder Info) Germinated in 48hrs. Funky looking taproot showing when planted. Wet paper towel method. [*] Barneys Farm G13 Haze((G13 x Hawaii)) Mostly Sativa Breeder suggests 10-14wks flower(Breeder Info) Germinated in 48hrs. Barely cracked w/ taproot showing when planted. Wet paper towel method. sprout died in the soil initially. I dug up and reburied and it sprouted! [*] T.H.Seeds Darkstar((Mostly Indica x {Purple Kush x Indica Mazar I-Sharif}) Mostly Indica Breeder suggest 10wks flower(Breeder Info) Germinated in 48hrs. Barely cracked w/ taproot showing when planted. Wet paper towel method. [*] Humboldt Seed Organization Chemdawg (OG Kush x Sour Diesel) Mostly Sativa 8-14wks flower??(Breeder Info) Germinated in 48hrs. Barely cracked w/ taproot showing when planted. Wet paper towel method. _________________________________________________________________________________ Lighting(as of now): (Veg) 380w 4’ Solar Flare T5VHO Lamp Roughly 5/6 week veg. [*](Flower) 600w Sun System HPS lamp(enclosed & cooled) 3x3 plant setup for flower _________________________________________________________________________________ Air Quality(as of now): A pair of 80mm and (4)120mm case fans A 6” 450cfm inline fan A pair of osciillating fans A 6” Orginal Can carbon filter 1 Exhale CO2 bag for my tent. I used one of these last run and was satisfied enough to buy another. _________________________________________________________________________________ Growing Medium My 100% Organic Soil Mix Each 15 gallon batch of reclaimed, recycled, Fox Farms Ocean Forest Base soil I reconditioned w/ 3 Gallons(48 cups) Pete’s Mushroom Compost(humus) 3 Gallons(48 cups) Nutri-Fibre Compost(humus) 2 Gallons(32 cups) General Hydroponics Ancient Forest Compost(humus) 2 ½ Gallons(40 cups) Red Wiggler castings(humus) 3+ Gallon( roughly 53 cups) Perlite(inert aeration amendment) 1 cup Hi-Cal Lime(mineral amendment) 4 cup Diatomaceous Earth(late addition*mineral amendment) 1 cup Alfalfa Meal(late addition*nutritional amendment) 1 cup Fox Farms Ocean Forest Seafood Blend 10-7-7(late addition*all purpose amendment) 1 cup Algamin Kelp Meal 1-0-2(nutritional mineral amendment) ½ cup Indonesian Hi-P Bat Guano .5-12-.2(nutritional mineral amendment) ½ cup Espoma Tomato Tone 3-4-6(all purpose nutritional amendment) ½ cup Azomite(mineral amendment) 1 cup Espoma Greensand 0-0-0.1(mineral amendment) 4 cup Glacial Rock Dust(mineral amendment) 17 tsp Rooters Mycorrhizae spores. The soil mix that I used for those 3 plants originally was: -1.5 cubic feet(roughly 11 Gallons) Fox Farm Ocean Forest -2 Gallons(roughly 30 cups) perlite -3 tbsp Hi-Cal lime -1 ½ Gallon(24 cups) Wiggle Worm Earth Worm Castings - ¾ cup Espoma Tomato Tone 3-4-6 -1 ½ cups Algamin Kelp Meal 1-0-2 - ¾ cup Espoma Greensand 0-0-0.1 -7.5 cups Glacial Rock Dust _________________________________________________________________________________ 1st week above soil 24/0. I mist the soil whenever it looks like it’s dried out at the surface. No regular waterings the 1st week. Only misting! The soil is moistened thru prior to sewing my germinated seeds But nothing interesting really happens this week.. Just scrawny seedlings trying to get their bearings! 2nd week above soil 18/6.Thoroughly water the seedlings and allow adequate runoff to ensure that soil is wet all the way thru. This week things are getting a little more interesting as you notice that your plants have really grown since just a couple week ago when they broke soil! I’m sure that I can transplant them at this point, but I’ve chosen to go against an early transplant, to allow to core of the root mass to really develop in the solo. For drainage and added oxygenation i’ve devised a 3 solo cup scheme. The bottom solo is untouched and the middle solo is cut the same as the one that the seedling sits in. I prune the roots the root growing out of the draining spaces as well, so that they don’t start circling the cups. 3rd week above soil 20/4. @ 21 days above the soil roughly, I’ll be looking to transplant from 20oz solo cups to 1gal grow bags and should be ready to top/train the plants! Last run, my most vigourous growing plant ending up being the one I kept in the solo cups the longest @ around 30 days. So I’m hoping to build off of that with a transplant a little sooner than that. The plan initally was to finish that plant in the solo just to see what I could yield, but it started showing signs of being rootbound, so I transplanted it into a 1gal bag, and then a #3 smartpot shortly after that, and that plant ended up being the top producer and most vigorous grower of the batch. Once I get them in the grow bags, I’ll proceed with the thread! _____________________________________________________________ But as far as my growing style goes, I’m an organic small container farmer. Start in 20oz solos, veg in 1gal bags, flower in 3 gal smart posts under 600w HPS. 3-4month start to finish. I’ve recycled and reamended the soil from the last group of plants I’ve harvested, so we’ll see how that goes! I’ve also just started my own compost bin with red wiggler worms, so here within a few month I’ll be able to harvest some RICH vermicompost! And my soil mix is one that’s designed to go from start to finish with water only, but I use ACTs regularly as I’ve seen tremendous results from their use. Here are a few recipes recipes that I use and a few links to everything compost tea & organic gardening that I found useful: Microbe Organics Compost Tea Recipes For Nutrient Dense And Biologically Rich Teas The Dirt Doctor via The Texas Organic Research Center(organic resource site) _________________________________________________________________________________ Aerated Compost Tea Recipes *30-48hr for nutrient cycling brew Long Brew Balanced ACT: Kelp Meal @0.25% = Almost 2tsp per gallon *Brew for longer than 24hrs with kelp, as kelp delay bacteria multiplication initially sometimes Fish Hydrolysate @0.063% = Almost ½tsp per gallon Hi-P Bat Guano @0.063% = Almost ½tsp per gallon Compost/Vermicompost/EWC @2.38%(max) = A bit over ⅓cup per gallon. Molasses(Blackstrap or Unsulphured)@0.25% = Almost 2tsp per gallon *When using more than just these amendments^^^, it’s fine to adjust the amount to avoid overkill Alfalfa Meal @0.25% = Almost 2tsp per gallon *Good fungal food and good for the long brew which is nutrient cycling _________________________________________________________________________________ Short Brew Balanced ACT: *18-24hr brew for “bennie” brew Fish Hydrolysate @0.063% = Almost ½tsp per gallon Hi-P Bat Guano @0.063% = Almost ½tsp per gallon Compost/Vermicompost/EWC @2.38%(max) = A bit over ⅓cup per gallon. Molasses(Blackstrap or Unsulphured)@0.125% = Almost 1tsp per gallon *When using more than just these amendments^^^, it’s fine to adjust the amount to avoid overkill Alfalfa Meal @0.25% = Almost 2tsp per gallon *Good fungal food and good for the long brew which is nutrient cycling ___________________________________________________________________________________ Worm Tea(Veg ACT) *24hr brew *Also good for foliar spraying Worm Castings @2.38%(max) = A bit over ⅓cup per gallon. Molasses(Blackstrap or Unsulphured)@0.125% = Almost 1tsp per gallon Fish Hydrolysate @0.063% = Almost ½tsp per gallon ____________________________________________________________________________ Fungal Dominant(Flower ACT) *18hr brew *Ok to use after 10hrs for fungal dominant brew Kelp Meal @0.25% = Almost 2tsp per gallon *Brew for longer than 24hrs with kelp, as kelp delay bacteria multiplication initially sometimes. Don’t use more kelp. Use less if using soluble kelp Fish Hydrolysate @0.19% = A little over 1tbsp per gallon *Ok to try slightly higher amounts Hi-P Bat Guano @0.063% = Almost ½tsp per gallon Compost/Vermicompost @2.38%(max) = A bit over ⅓cup per gallon. Molasses(Blackstrap or Unsulphured) @ 0.5% = A bit over 1tbsp per gallon *When using more than just these amendments^, it’s fine to adjust the amount to avoid overkill *Notes *Fungal compost: Powder oatmeal 1:20 with compost, kept damp and covered for 8-10days *Fungal compost: Use ¼cup per gallon of fish hydroysate to dampen compost with, then cover for 5 days __________________________________________________________________________________________ And here are some Botanical & "other" Recipes: Aloe Vera Foliar Spray = 1/4cup of fresh aloe fillet per gallon of water. *use immediately after making solution Organic Cal/Mg Foliar Spary = 1tbsp(or 1-3tsp) epsom salt per gallon of water * http://www.cannabis....annabis-garden/ *dissolve epsom salt in hot water prior to. Diatomaceous Earth Foliar Spray = 2cups diatomaceous earth per gallon of water. *sort of like a protekt effect and also an organic insecticide Coconut Water Foliar Spray = 1cup of pure 100% coconut water per gallon of water. Aspirin Water Foliar Spray = 3x81mg tablets water per gallon of water. *triggers plant SAR defense mechanisms! Mildew Prevention Foliar Spray = 2.5cups milk per gallon of water. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ But there you have my tactics in a bottle! If you have any suggestions feel free to offer your input as I’ve still got quite a bit to learn. But if you have any questions, feel free to ask, as I’ve learned quite a bit to this point and may be able to help you out! Cheers to master gardening!
  3. Full Info: Strain: Bubba Kush Height: 19.5 inches age: approx. 5-6 months ,5 weeks into flowering. Lighting: 1x 150 HPS Ballast and bulb. 2x 60 watt CFL lights for side lighting Grow Medium: Soil Difficulty Growing This Strain: Medium to Hard. Aroma: Pine Oily and Sweet Bubblegum come to mind. With a hint of dank coffee grinds but sweeter. Taste: Ill get back to you on that in 2 weeks Here's a little back story. I use to grow a few years back but haven't in a while. I'm from Colorado, United States, where weed just became legal for recreational use. January 1st 2014. LEGAL, NOT DECRIMINALIZED, LEGAL for recreational use. So i bought a clone from a friend. He said very specifically it was bubba kush, a type of weed i know well. The clone was rather tall and spindly, but it would work for what i needed. Took the clone home and cloned her twice with cloning gel from Clonex. I cloned from the mother immediately after sexing her for a week and after she starting flowering just enough to show me she indeed was a female,as my friend had said. It is. I only took 2 clones from her because i knew i would clone the clones again and didn't want to hurt the mother plant too much as to decrease her yield. I find it annoying to keep one mother plant so i clone from clones like i always have with no bad results. The clones went rather nicely and rooted exactly at 1 week, and started growing. Fast Forward to today... Just took 6 clones from the 2x second generation clones today about hours ago. Under constant light. This brings us back to the original plant and where it stands today. All of these pictures are from the original Bubba Kush Clone i got from my friend for $10 U.S.D . Hehe they are great genetics. My friend goes to the Medical dispensary for his stuff, and that's, im sure where these genetics came from. Anyways, what a steal... Considering i will now have 9 Plants of the same good genetics for 10 Dollars, + 5 dollars for roothing gel,10 dollars for pots soil and rockwool cubes. I usually have 100 percent success rate using clonex and my DIY on a budget cloning technique which i will be posting a step by step method for here when i have the time :] As you can see this plant has taken off from what im sure was a tiny little cutting. I think its growing quite nicely. I have a few infared images and normal lighted images for you guys below so you can see the different details revealed in the different lighting. Thanks for reading :] 1/20/2014 Update Pics Here is updated pics of the same Bubba Kush plant after a bit of trimming and after 3 weeks have passed. 56 Days into flowering and ready to be chopped down soon
  4. Hey Everyone, So It's time again for me to start a new journal, right now i have 1 GHSC chemdog 1 GHSC Bubba Kush and 1 Platinum kush seed from local stock in Canada. the platinum kush is regular tho so we will see if it's a lady soon. i originally planted 2 chemdog seed's but one did not pop or at least wasent popping quick enough so i germinated the platinum kush. the chemdog and the bubba kush are both 24 day's from seed in veg 18hr's on, the platinum kush is about 7 or 8 day's old. i plan on doing just a short veg so in 4-5 day's i will switch to flowering. the medium i am using is 100% coco, the nutrient's are Powderfeeding from green house and CaMg+ because i am using 100% coco the added calcium will help avoid deficiency and to adjust the PH of my water i am using citric acid. My PH is set at 5.7 right now once the preflower's appear i will adjust it to around 6.0 - 6.2. i am ust using tap water and beside's a ph meter that's about it for my growing. The blub i use is a 400watt HPS and i use white poster board to cover the wall's in my closet, my closet is 3 feet 4 inch's wide, 2 feet deep and my growing space is 5.6 feet high and i use the coat hanger bar to hang the light's and my fan i use chains to adjust the height of the light. GHSC Chemdog GHSC Bubba Kush chemdog and bubba kush side by side day 24 from seed. and finally.... Platinum kush day 8 from seed Alright well that's it for now, i'll be back in 1 week's time with another update until then stay green!
  5. Dear friends, I am growing indoors, with enriched soil, 2 Super Lemon Haze, 2 Arjan’s Strawberry Haze, 2 Bubba Kush. At the current time, they are in flowering stage with a 400w Sodium Lamp. My plants grew too big, the Arjan’s are touching the roof, therefore I decided to take one out. I live in the Equator so the sun is pretty abundant and straight. I am trying to determine wich of my 2 Arjan’s Strawberry Hazes (ASH) will develop better buds, the indoor or the outdoor. In a previous ocation, (this is my second time growing) the buds I harvested were airy and fluffy, not like the dense packed buds that I used to bought on my visits to Amsterdam. Here you can’t get good weed so that is why I bought my seeds from Green House Seeds Co. and invested in some indoors equipment to produce nice looking and potent buds for my friends and me. As suggested by previous forum discussions I am adding sugare cane solved in water, (Carbload) besides the weekly dosage of flowering fertilizer. What else can I do? Which buds do you think will be best, the ones with the Equator sunlight or my 400w sodium? Thanks!
  6. Dear Friends, the following is my Bubba Kush from Green House Seeds Co. I planted them 15th of April. This is an indoor grow, currently Im using a 400w HPS. The leafs are huge! I am worried they do not allow much light to pass through, becasue they are too thick. I eliminated some leafs due to that reason. The stem and branches are growing dense and compact, maybe becase only a little light passes throug. What do you think? I cant upload pics directly in this forum, I have to do ir through this link: Thanks
  7. From the album Jurassic Leafs

  8. From the album Jurassic Leafs

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