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  • Buy weed online |Weed for sale |THC oil for sale Visit: http://cannabis420stores.com
  • Buy weed online |Weed for sale |THC oil for sale Visit: http://cannabis420stores.com
  • Buy weed online |Weed for sale |THC oil for sale Visit: http://cannabis420stores.com
  • Buy weed online |Weed for sale |THC oil for sale Visit: http://cannabis420stores.com
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  • Buy weed online |Weed for sale |THC oil for sale Visit: http://cannabis420stores.com
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Found 11 results

  1. Hi friends!! There is little time to begin the next fair cannabis, Expogrow 2014 in Irun (Basque Country). We will be there as every year, with a lot of surprises and good smoke ..... The Green House Seeds Co. team will be there to greet you, answer questions and show you all the news in our booth. Arjan, the King of Cannabis, also will be there, as always, to greet all good weed growers. Come visit and enjoy a good time with all team of Green House and Strain Hunters !! You can find us in Hall C, Stand 18 Remember, 18 C See you there !! More info about expogrow in: http://www.expogrow.net/
  2. Hi friends, The moment of truth has come, Let's see what photograph gets the most votes, see who is the winner RULES: Only participants can vote. Only the votes of the participants in the contest, shall be valid to choose the winner. You can not vote for your photo. Not allowed. The voting ends in 7 days, the 9th of June is closed. If a tie occurs, the company reserves the right to make a vote to break the tie, or Divir the prize. Who is entitled to vote? Only participants: @Mcbud @negromaxi @sshkiper @Anonymous 01 @Gaz @jankahar @atrox @autooprime @Nerzo420 @Rookie @gonzosghost @Madhorsefucker @green den @undutched @Anonymous 02 @Organicz @Levente Due to problems with the sizes of the photos, I'll resize some. Just this once, so that all are validity. The photos that are not varieties of Strain Hunters or Green House, can not participate, sorry. KiloElement_420 shsih-ka-berry is no valid strain. (read rulez please). Your photo is not supported. For obvious reasons, the authors of anonymous photos can not vote. If he wish, you can send your vote by mail (I have to verify their original authentic mails). Mcbud negromaxi sshkiper Anonymous 01 Gaz jankahar atrox autooprime Nerzo420 Rookie gonzosghost Madhorsefucker green den undutched Anonymous 02 Organicz Levente The entire team of Green House, we are very happy to see your photos. Great work! Good luck to all
  3. Welcome friends to the monthly contest, Green House Seeds Experience! On this occasion, we will make a photo contest dedicated to the best original photographs, where appear a plant or bud (fresh or dried) of Green House or Strain Hunters. It is also valid to show fertilizer Powder Feeding (large or sample size, all are valid). A packet of seeds is also valid only ask that you be a original, funny photo. Who can participate? Any person registered in the forum, which meets the standards of the forum they can participate. When the contest begins and how long? The contest is monthly. Each 30 days we will start a new contest, themed differently. In this case, the contest begins June 9 and ends on July 9. How and when the winner is chosen? The winner is chosen by public vote, the participants of the contest itself, is valid not vote for yourself. Voting will begin once the contest ended in force and will last for 7 days. Are only valid, the votes of the contest participants, excluding all other votes. What is the prize? The prize is a € 100 bonus web, to spend on any of our websites, (Greenhouseseeds.nl - Strainhunters.com-Powderfeeding.ch) You can order seeds, clothing, merchand, nutrients, etc .... Shipping costs are borne by the company. We no send seeds to USA, Canada and Australia - GREEN HOUSE SEEDS EXPERIENCES & YOUR BEST ORIGINAL PHOTO - How to participate? Post your best original and creative photograph, regarding our company, GH, PF or SH If you do not want to post your picture, modesty or simply maintain your privacy, you can send it via private message, or by mail (jose@greenhouseseeds.nl putting as a concept, Competition Green House), and we will post it for you, keeping your anonymity at all times (never published / revealed your nickname or data). What photos are valid? Any original and creative photograph of a Green House, Strain Hunters or Powder Feeding are valid. The photos must be your own, original, and if in doubt, ask the originality of it is proved. No valid photographs worth of others, or photographs taken of the network, etc ... we reserve the right to request additional photos, in case of winning to verify authenticity. You can post them in this thread, or send them by mail or private, if you want your nick is unknown. You should discuss your photo, say that variety is, as it has grown, etc ... the information is good. Only Is valid submit one photo per person What is the maximum size for the photograph? There is no maximum size. We reserve the right to resize for the images. Which prize is awarded to the winner? A web bonus of 100 € to spend on our websites. Shipping charges are for own. This is an example of the original photograph, of the author @Alubias. You can make very original pictures of a seed, plant, bud (fresh or dry), or seed packet of Green House, Strain Hunters or Feeding Powder, with his pet, a famous landmark in your city, in a park, etc .... do creative and make an original photo! Greetings and good luck to everyone s Participating!
  4. Just wanted to share some of my porn with my fellow Strain Hunters, I hope you enjoy Better a dish of herbs, where love is The purps Let's stack the nuggs Some more nuggs and a dish of herbs So Pretty [ More to come.........
  5. hi dose anyone know of the average shelf life on ghs powder feed thanks
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