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1way I need help and a 2nd way id like to talk and learn npk values.


I need help.

im using similar products to yara and im going to post oics at the end.

Now npk 6.12.36 equals 1.2.3 it baffles me and messing with my calculations. am i right to think were just rounding off numbers? or is it a mixed calculation of multiple ingedients. Im asking does the calculation total add all of the elements? 

see how im messing up?

luckily most products show the smaller npk values and I found them on here.

so i already got 1 and it is


npk 6.12.36 equaling 1.2.3 +mg +te I can give % of all butim just going to write my options here now.

20.20.20 equals 2.2.2

18.18.18 equals 1.1.1. "hence me thinking rounding numbe off in comparisment to the 20.20.20

20.8.8 equals 3.1.1 "im thinking this."

13.40.13 equals 1.3.1

5.0.0 "not sure it a N boost."

0.0.51 soluble sulphate or potash.

yara mag nitrate 11.0.0 9% mag 15% oxide.

think theres more options.

I need a ph down too. heres some pics. please tell me what you recommend I use as a veg and take into account i have the 1.2.3 buddy I will be using in flower.

im thinking the I could just use the yaraliva yara mag alone with the 1.2.3 

but what you think about

20.8.8 bein 3.1.1

magnesium nitrate


and then the buddy


and may be



im thinking go with ppms and ec.

kind of works like yara kristalon with yara calcinit but more suited due to me not needing the calcium.

also ha see how that 20.8.8 ratio equaled 3.1.1? why not 2.1.1? or am i missing something?

I agged my water statistics too.

please help. I got about a week to work out what to do.

im thinking 3.1.1 as veg. add lil 1.2.3 if needed but deffo start adding the 1.2.3 and reducing the 3.1.1 or you think i could run 3.1.1 all way threw and add 1.2.3 as a pk boost?











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for someone naturally good with math you make thing difficult

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Exactly . First test the ph of your tap or rain water and then find out how to adjust it to the wanted numbers 5.5 to 6.5 dependding on the growprogrees. Watch a couple grow videos at greenhouse till yyou know the NPK ration in Veg + Flowering. The EC numbers are always printed on the main sticker. Ignore the detailled list of ingredients for that. Make sure yu either follow the instrctions  given about how much fertilizer per 10 liter or 3 gallons. Better get an EC meter and watch the numbers . Make sure not to overfeed by giving only ph adjusted water in between. Not adding ferts with each and every watering. Hope that helps a bit.

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Rix, ur onto the secret!!! Once you know how to engineer NPK, thats all you need to know... You can basically rebuild ANY food line there is on ur own. Kids buy 300 dollar food lines. Big boys, make it them selves!!! Ill look for a post I made for some Russian dudes in here years back. Its been a while so I doubt its still around. If not, Ill post what i can to help you out...

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Found the thread...

Everything I posted was erased though... If you need or want more info, let me know...:)

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