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Hi everyone,


I was considering a semi open space to grow Arjana Haze 1 feminized in North India, the tempratures in march are (32/16 degree H/L Celcius ) in april (37/21 degree H/L Celcius ) and in may (42/30 degree H/L Celcius ).


I have the provision of a water air cooler and intend to grow it in a room.

The reason I have put this post in outdoor is because the only purpose of growing it in the room is to provide some shade.


My concerns are that will the plant suffer in the final weeks ?

Should I cancel my plantation plan and postpone to october months? Should i proceed to grow?


Look forward to having responses from those who have experience in growing in hot weather..

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procceed to grow no matter how hot it gets . just make sure the plant is watered and looked after and should be sweet that heat wave should go past in a month and the weather will start cooling down again for october. if ur that worried about the heat while its that hot place it under shade or a cooler area for the tıme beıng and youll be fine 


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Good job Karan, Should give it a try bro. Try growing strains suitable for our climate.


I have grown all GHC strains in Punjab, few strains take well to our heat and few dont, so which strain r u growing?


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I guess you are not getting any responses because we don't quite understand why you are asking where to get seeds (from).  Seeds are available all over the place.  Just use your browsers search engine and search for "seedbanks" in your country.  They are found everywhere around the world. 


Attitude Seeds has distributorships on just about every continent.  Canada has distributors that operate in Canada.  The USA has distributors that operate in the USA.  Europe has hundreds of seedbanks.  It it always best for you to select a seedbank that operates within your country in order to avoid Customs inspections that will inevitably occur if you attempt to recieve your products from other countries.


If you are in Europe, this forum has a seedbank available to you too.  Just click on "Products" at the top of this page, then click on "Buy Cannabis Seeds", and that will take you to the seed store.

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