Kalasnikova autoflower (outdoor, Netherlands)

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Hello fellow growers,


I'd like to share my progress.


I have 4 plants as you can see, the small ones are only about one week old. The bigger ones, are already blooming. I planted them around the end or March and the beginning of April. Sadly, the weather started to get terrible from then up until a few weeks ago. I did not want to throw them away because I believe they will produce something, I'd like to test the taste of them :) They look quite decent besides a few flaws, but the buds are looking good. The smell is not too strong, which is good. I hope the weather will continue doing good so I can grow much bigger plants from them.


I quite underestimated how complicated it would be to grow autoflowers, but I'm starting to understand them a little more as they progress. If anyone has some tips and tricks I'd like to know! I'll try to keep this post updated.










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Hi Sal!,


sorry I haven't been looking on the site. Thank you so much for your advice. I know the bigger ones have way too small pots, but because of the bad weather I kinda gave up (they were already blooming at a very small size). I decided to leave them in the pots and see how they do. One of them is producing some very nice buds, so I don't want to irritate them with moving them to another pot. They seem to be doing fine.


The small ones are doing great also, they are now in week 3 or so and have grown a lot since the past two weeks (at least, I think so). I will post a pic from my phone.


Somehow you can't see what you type when you use this site on your phone.

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Yes, Kadaver, there are many features of this site that do not work well on handys and tablets.  Everything works best when one uses a full-sized laptop or base computer.


I believe I understand why you chose larger pots for the autos.  Autos don't well tolerate transplanting.  Because the recovery-time from transplanting cuts into the remaining lifespan of the auto-flowering plant, it is best to start an auto in its final pot.  You did good.

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