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Found 23 results

  1. Hi people! Hope you're all doing great. So a couple of months ago I started my first grow of an AutoBomb (64 days) indoor. I've been using a LED panel of 120w (3w leds). Now I think it's close to harvest time. I would like to hear your opinion about it. Probably you'll se the plant and think that it has some weeks till harverst but I'm lacking of time because I'm travelling so I have aproximately 6 days left, maybe 7... Here goes the pictures: So I've been using both Feeding Powder Growing and Short flowering during this grow. Ultimately I've prepared a banana tea with some honey for that extra potasium and sugars boost to increase the buds weight and I'm planning doing it again today. Some thing that concerns me are the size of this buds, altought they are distributed all over the plant they are quite small. Finally, I don't know what caused the purple leaves on the cup of the plant (excuse my english, it's not my first language so I dont know some terminology). Keep doing well!!
  2. Hello fellow growers, I'd like to share my progress. I have 4 plants as you can see, the small ones are only about one week old. The bigger ones, are already blooming. I planted them around the end or March and the beginning of April. Sadly, the weather started to get terrible from then up until a few weeks ago. I did not want to throw them away because I believe they will produce something, I'd like to test the taste of them They look quite decent besides a few flaws, but the buds are looking good. The smell is not too strong, which is good. I hope the weather will continue doing good so I can grow much bigger plants from them. I quite underestimated how complicated it would be to grow autoflowers, but I'm starting to understand them a little more as they progress. If anyone has some tips and tricks I'd like to know! I'll try to keep this post updated.
  3. Hey all, This year is my first time growing. I started a little too late because I didn't have time to get the seeds in Amsterdam (greenhouse). My two pure kush plants are now in their 4th week, but should I be worried about the fact I started a little late? I'm using Biobizz biogrow and root juice right now. For later I have their fish-mix (for the soil), biobloom and leaf coat. I guess they are doing alright at the moment. I don't have a picture from this week yet since they are over at someone else's house, I'll take one today or tomorrow. Does anyone have any advice or things I should keep in mind? Thanks in advance, - B
  4. From the album Blueberry cannabis mother and flowering cuttings

    Blueberry indica 2 weeks into flowering.
  5. From the album Blueberry cannabis mother and flowering cuttings

    Blueberry indica dominant hybrid.
  6. First post, excited to learn more and contribute what I can.
  7. I keep seeds of my own strains in my wallet, zombie apocalypse I'm read. Everyone may know I grow, cause legal or not I always will.
  8. From the album hexthat

  9. From the album hexthat

  10. From the album hexthat

  11. Hello everyone! Its been a while that i was around on the forums but back again to share my breeding project. I have 10 seeds Manga Rosa (Reg) and 10 seeds Colombian Gold (Reg) and 2 seeds of The Church (Fem) going on. Got the Manga Rosa and Colombian Gold from a Brazilian friend. Hoping they will germ all..... The plan is too keep the Manga Rosa and Colombian Gold clean to keep the strains. Then i want to try to cross both with The Church to see what happens. Its my first breeding project so fingers crossed. Pics and more will be posted later on. Peace!
  12. Can someone explain flushing with hydro drip please? (Please read below before answering as im trying to answer my own questions LOL) My nuits are only GHPF (powderfeed) I LIKE SIMPLE Im looking to flush 2-3 time during the grow ( i really want to have non chemical,salt build up bud ) What i would like to know.... How to flush while still growing (mid flower) , And the final flush ? During mid flower do i just not feed them any water and let them use whats left of the nuits in the reservoir say for a 5 days then just go back to my normal nuit feed again ? or could i add flushing solution aswell ? OR do i have to clean my reservoir out totaly and refresh with new water and only water for the duration of the flush OR do i still flush with nuits (GHPF) during mid flower on a much lower level ? I know that when it comes to the final few weeks of flower i should reduce my nuit level and let them take the rest of the nuits in the res then flush with just water till harvest, i think ? Can i use flushing solution during mid flower flush and the final flush? I think im starting to confuse my self abit, when its probs very simple im sure... AND if any one knows the correct ph and EC of flushing that would be handy Would love some input right now guys
  13. As a few of you already know I am a new member on this forum (liking it very much already ) and a first time grower also... So this are gonna be my victories and also my failures with my first grow. The plant is a cross of some sorts, got it from a a friend as a seed, germinated it (glass of water method) and then planted in a mix. of two different peats... the two main lights that I am using are: 1x 200W 6400K CFL - veg. 1x 200W 2700K CFL - flowering... I will also help to even out the light spectrum with 4 smaller 23W CFL's (2x cold + 2x warm temp.) All of the lights are under a reflector (wing type)... Now for some pics from the start on - you can see them in my gallery here is the link: http://www.strainhun...163-my-1st-try/ With some good advise from some of you guys we overcame the sad times are now going strong... So today is a new chapter - I started this journal, got some new fertilizer (liquid one) and upgraded my lighting (aded 2 small CFL's), but first the fertilizer: The green one is for veg. and the red one for blooming... As for the addition of the two 2700K 23W CFL's: For today this will be all... Looking forward to your comments... would also very much like to hear what you think I am doing wrong and/or right Stay tuned...
  14. Hoy les comparto mi primer seguimiento de una NN Peruana. Las semillas las consegui de un amigo que saco semillas de unas flores que compro alla para fumar. Plantadas a principos de marzo, en un ambiente que no fue ni indoor ni outdoor (por la llegada del invierno en mi pais) hoy estan a 25-30 dias de haber comenzado a florar. He tenido un par de problemas producto de mi primera experimentacion con los Booster y demas ya que producto de un uso excesivo la planta se hizo hermafrodita. Pudiendo mantener la floracion de flores macho controlada es que todavia la tengo, de hecho creo que seria un crimen cortarla ahora. Estuvo desde el comienzo en tierra negra, con un poco de abono y sin mucho mas. Para inducir la flora utilice un par de estimuladores de floracion. A la semana regue con Phito-S3 y Finalmente Aplicacion foliar, a la semana de este ultimo, de Phitofos (habiendo provocado esto la mutacion al hermafroditismo). Desde esa fecha hasta hoy, casi 15 dias no han recibido mas que agua. Espero sus comentarios al respecto. Saludos p.d: las fotos estan por fechas, siendo la primera tomada a finales de junio y las ultimas los primeros dias de agosto
  15. hey guys, pictures will be posted today of my current project. second run on this particular strain I am doing. so, I came across a load of seeds from a friend to play around with, iv noticed phenoes. 1 being really small but lanky, thin leaves bud incredible budding time, it starts with calaxes almost the same time as the preflowers, finishes in 6 weeks. pheno 2, heavy indica genetics, really sturdy, classic kush smell, no resin for the first 5 weeks, lots of white hairs and typically finishes a bit longer than the more sativa looking?? can't say why this happens as I don't know, but big yielder compared to the other 3 phenos, also, the best smell. 3, a short sativa, bud shape, smell, flowering style completely different from the other 2, sweet lemon smell, and really big crystals. now, I kept a clone from the sativa dominant, and the indica dominant, the sativa was male, the indica was female, the seeds from this cross are now 6 weeks into flower, cutting kept from all. what I have now, seems a really nice hybrid of the 2, smallish hybrid leaves with really nice cone shaped lemony main cola which I lollypopped. il post pictures within a couple of hours, but for first try, im really enjoying it and have not been put of in the slightest, delving deeper into this world, and can't see myself turning back anytime soon. pictures to come. please, any tips will be greatly appreciated.
  16. Hey everyone, in the latest of times ive finally started germinating 2 Caboose's! They will be grown in soil! 8 Feb Germination started, Little general info: Both seeds germinated in less then 30hours. Powder feeding started -/-. Technique used; I am using acouple of cotton pad's, keeping them in a pitch-dark box with a humidifier on the left and a heating-element to the right, with the lid ontop of the box semi-open for letting fresh oxygen and a fine fog from the humid'r down & in. Condititions; For the first 8hours of germination i had 26°C (78,8F) & 99% RH, i later changed this to 23°C (73,4F) & 75%-85% RH. I'm keeping such a low temp since seeds are indica. Keeping them moist & a steady eye. Setup i will use for propogating & vegg'in is my 200W CFL & a little Vents-100 fan. The setup i am using for flowering is a 400w hps at the moment, hoping to get another one before week 4 flowering. Mylar on the walls. I have prepared a container for their seedling stage, it is a small pot made out of mainly peat, i have some positive experience from it, but i've done alittle experiment this time; I first made a very "airy" mix with only the smallest hydroton pellets, a soil already containing "mini-clay-peb" & some vermiculite. I put the mix in theese peat-containers, i dig out the middle of the mix, putting only soil i the middle of the container, then i water it heavy, like flush them. GreenHouse powder feeding all the way! My other Caboose, you can find it here! Peace!
  17. From the album Last home and vegative growth

    © heathenshashoils

  18. From the album VEG WEEK 5 20/4

    Now in flowering time, i veg for 5 weeks.
  19. My auto Mazar plant 3-4 weeks into flower,vegged for about three weeks or so,it's under a 400W HPS in a tent,she's on Canna coco A+B and Canna Rhizotonic,I would normally add the booster and the zyme from Canna but for the price im just not using it any more and when my GHSC Powder Feeding turns up i'll be ditching Canna all together. She's in Canna coco peat with 1/4 parts worm castings,some Mineral Magic and trichoderma mixed through as well. PH is 5.70 and PPM is 1060 (Hanna). Pot size is 14L and I just simply hand feed and let it drain to waste,feeding about every three or four days at the moment,peace Kush
  20. Just a quick update on the developments with the Powder Feeding: The website is almost ready, Admin and Papasmurf are working hard on it. It's going to be a webshop for retail customers and also a hub for info on the product, including test-grows and reviews. The product will be officially launched during the Spannabis Expo (24-25-26 February, Barcelona, Spain) and we will distribute samples to several distributors and shops. In March we will start sales (both online and through growshops in Europe). A special thanks goes to our lab-team, who worked for years on this project (and who's going to work on it for years to come.....). And, of course, to our test-growers who helped verifying the progresses we made. I am very excited about this. It's been a long, sometimes stressful work, but the final results are well worth it. I have never seen my plants as happy as they are with the Powder Feeding. And when my plants are happy, I am happy. ;-)
  21. Money Maker Viaje al Futuro. Master Kush original 8-9 semanas indoor Una autentica Kush, Ãndica de gran potencia de la vieja escuela (1994 "old-school" ). Admite ec alta entre la 3-4-5 semana admitiendo sin problemas ec de 1.8 // 2.0 . Sabor a fruta y a Kush, de cogollos muy densos y largo cáliz ,de la que no queremos aportar mas datos para no crear prejuicios, sino tomar las opiniones de los propios testers. Os podemos garantizar que esta genética no os dejará indiferentes . ____________________________________________________ Con esta presentación queda poco que decir y mucho por querer descubrir. No os parece? Pero la primera pregunta o duda que me viene a la cabeza es su tamaño, ¿cuanto es capaz de crecer una kush? Sabemos que florece en 8 o 9 semanas en interior. ¿Pero se cumpliran estos rangos en exterior?. Todas estas dudas y las que vosotros tengais se iran despejando segun vallan creciendo ¿verdad?. Bueno veamos a las protagonistas de este viaje al futuro, variedad de la "vieja escuela", pero de vieja no tiene nada salieron las tres niñas. Se colocaron las tres semillas en agua durante 12 h en agua embotellada, seguidamente se colocaron en pañuelos de papel, y cuando germinaron las pase a unos yogures que hicieron el papel de los jiffis. Las trasplante a los pocos dias pues tenia miedo de que sufrieran algun calenton al estar directas al sol. Se germinaron el dia 23 asi que hoy tienen 13 dias pero estas fotos son de antes de ayer. Bueno pues de momento esto es todo chicos sean felices juntos veremos como crecen estas money saludos.

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