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Growing photoperiod strains in polytunnel in Ireland?

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My first post.  Can you grow proper weed in a polytunnel in Ireland? I have grown autos no trouble, northern lights and a haze hybrid.

But want to grow  Afgan and Haze type photoperiod plants.

Ireland is far West of Europe and doesn't seem to get dark early enough before damp and cold sets in.

Anyone out there with some ideas.

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I suppose you mean outdoor growing. Some people use low-power lights to complete outdoor daylight hours. Thus, they deceive the plant. But I definitely don't recommend growing haze / any sativa strain, outdoors and in winter (it won't work well, especially if it's cold).

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Hi Urban Guerilla


Yeah you can grow "proper" collie in Ireland, I am in the UK just across the Irish sea on the Fylde coast check out my 2017 Passion #1 outdoor grow journal.


I grow in dirt in the back yard which is paved so I use pots, which means I can easily move the plants.


In order to trick them into flowering I place them inside the shed so they get 14 and a half hours light per day, this year I started to trick the 2 plants at the start of July and they were ready to cut by the end of August a month before last years grow.


I also put them in the shed under 2 flourescent tubes if it is pissing down raining so I control watering and feeding, plus when those buds start to get dense you don't want them getting wet and increasing the risk of mould and bud rot etc.


I man say trick rather than force into flowering, because the state of flowering is not permanent the plant can be revegged, forced to me implies a permanent change to the plant, so for me tricked into flowering is closer description of the reality.


In the poly tunnel you won't have to worry about the weather, you just need to work out some way to cover the plant so you can control its day length when your ready to trick the plant/s into flowering, if I did not have access to the shed I would check out a local farmer and buy a silage bag which I could adjust size wise to requirements also remember the plant will grow bigger as it matures during flowering.


To be successful make sure you start early enough in May or even April so the plant has time to finish. Happy growing.

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