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Hello.... Everybody... Finally my seeds are here with me... after 2 months waiting (i dont know why... lol) my seeds arrived yesterday morning... it was the best gift for these holidays.... thank you Franco and the GHSC... Well my name is Aaron in this moment of my life im living in Mexico... I used to live in Canada and ive some experience growing indoors right now cause im here i wanna take advantage of the weather (yesterday we were 28 ºC awesome!!) I wanna test these seeds growing outdoors.... for sure gonna be a wonderful experience taking care of these babys..

Im so Happy be part of this community... The best Regards from Mexico to everyone....



I soak 5 seeds White Lemon in water for 24hrs..... i left the seeds in dark at temperature between 20-25 ºC



Today.... After 24 hrs moved the seeds onto some jiffys and they gonna be there 24/7 with light at temperature between 20-25 ºC



Let me hear from you guys all over the world.... peace!! Love the greatest emotion!!

Immerse Your Soul in Love

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Seems that you will have a very nice test, good luck!

Take care

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dude .. get a new pipe ... unless ur a girl :)

jokes a side ... nice to see how they turn out

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lmfao.... actually thats my girlfriends pipe.... cheers WhiteRhino.... you make me laugh....regular_smile.gif

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Welcome mate. Hey Rhino I like that pipe..kind of groovy:O)

I am also doing an outdoor grow with white lemon so it will be good to compare.

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Hello Everybody!!

Im so happy 2 of my seeds already pop out...

The first one this beautiful baby... this photo was taken in the sunday morning....


Sunday morning...... the second one.....


These photos were taken at night time..... Awesome.... really excited... i will take more photos and let you know how they're doing...



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