GreenGelatto Black Spots, HELP!

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Hello Guys!
I'm a recent grower here and having a problem with one of my autoflower green gelato.
It is the only that is showing these black spots on the leaves. It is on the 8 week.
Is it a fungus or a Potassium or a Magnesium deficiency?
What should I do?

Thank You for your help!









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just seen the fotos......could you give answer to the following questions to help you better...even though the thread is quite old for the problem...


1) Which size of pots....which soil do you use?

2) What is the humidity in the growroom?

3) How much and how often do you irrigate?

4) Did you check on the bottom of your pots?? If the end of the root looks brown, then the plant was in soil way to moist

5) How often do you give feeding to the plant?? From looking at the end of the leaves which seem to be "burnt" they may have way to much feeding

6) Do the other plants look healthy??? Are all the same genetic??

7) Are the plants indoors or outdoors?? If they are outdoors and the root looks fine, there is no moisture problem and you didnt feed too much, then it could be it got contaminated from somwhere else...

8..What fertilizer do you use and do you ensure that you dont irrigate fertilizer on dry soil?


If you have this problem once again and you are sure the above mentioned issues are not the problem, you should take off an ill leave right away, before desease starts spreading

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