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a few recnt project


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critical bit late through its a plant what was took out of a tent due lack of space and couldnt waist it and  let to its own devices just been put under a 400watt m/h light feading on dutch pro a and b bloom being fead twice a day currently drinking 10 lts every two days and  because i couldnt possibly leave it to veg out side any more due to the lack of being able to stop others from seeing it without it being obvious 




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On 6/29/2020 at 0:29 PM, greencloud said:

sour desil  curently in a 120x120 under a 600 watt hps start from a mother plant 3 weaks into veg currently fed on canna coco a and b





received_552750855605089 (1).jpeg




so got a apolige to make seems i have that much going at once i for get what im putting where theses are actuly white rhino and will update again soon  soon coz there currently a couple weak s into flower and not updated photos just yet 






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On 6/29/2020 at 0:36 PM, greencloud said:

white rihno in a 120x120 and fed on canna coco a and b under a 400 watt hps on weak 2 of veg and had cuttings took and tied down also two new  sour desil mothers vegging in small pots wich also have just been topped and tied down 



seem to have a fasion of mixing name up with lack of labeling but theses one are actuly sour desil but never the less they are currently in weak 5 of vag and flipping next weak and as i forgot to say both the white rhino strain and sour desil are from mother plants and strains that i stared  couple of years ago and kept them going from one mother to anther and each fresh mother is a cutting from the last my sour desil i have kept strong for the past couple of years and the whithe rhino i started a year ago and currently hoping they will contine to produce good heathy plants and no sighn of deterition





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