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Hi guys my first post here, im going to Through out a question and i really think this would help new people entering into growing for maybe the first time, how do you tell from just looking at a plant if its either a Sativa or Indica, and asking in a sense that the plant was grown from a unknown Strain or seed..

im sure there are heaps of people here that can share there Knowledge and pictures and how to tell the difference...


peace out


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yes basically usually the indica leaves are much wider on the blades, and it is not rare that the leaflet, (edge of the leaf) overlaps the leaflet next to it, we call it overlapping leaves.  The Sativa leaves are thinner like women fingers, longer than indica usually and the leaflet are rarely overlapping.

You will also by the growth pattern, a tall girl with long internoeds and thin leaves will most of the time be ssativa dominant. If the plant is very short bushy, with usually darker green and short space between the levels then it is most likely to be a indica.



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Thank you guys, and a great picture which explains perfectly, so i guess if the two strain's was crossed they would look like the two leafs together? or would that depend on which being dominate strain? say the indica being the male..

thanks again guys Peace out



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yeah it would depends on the dominant, but basically yes hybrid leaves are a mix between the 2, wider leaflet and overlapping a little usually.

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its hard to find a strain that is 100 percent sativa or indica now though. Not where i live anyways

yes mate i agree, i have a out door plant now that looks very sativa but i dont know the history of the seeds, i must post a pic soon, i think in OZ most are 50/50 i think was what was opted for in the past old school, but now with seeds banks and there is so many  strains here, but our laws in WA are very strict if your caught with a somking pipe/bong you face 2 years or a 2k fine or if your caught with ten grams or less its the same fine ..


peace out guys

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