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what is a forum rank / status system ?


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just cos of curiosity   ....


I found   under my   avatar " member11"

so i started to look at others  and some has forum adict , some members and i fail to find a rule in those  ranks :P


are thyey ment for something more then   making me asks stupid questions ?:P

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hahaha yes they are ment a llittle, i'm actually trying to find diferent names and status as we speak, but will not do it before the cup.


The member 11 status is one of the evolved member status where you have a little more upload space, and likes limit and a very fe oother things. And forum addict has got even more space but we keep this one as a backdoor for now because the space is already big compared to other froum, so we try to save a little the harddrive ^^


But i'm going to rename all this before end of the year with more growing related theme, was thinking of something like germinating for newbies members, vegetative..etc etc.. with the amount of post :)


Have a good day man

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