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First grow and journal with unknown indica.

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Hi. Yes I am :) so just keeping it simple. My first grow in a closet. Got those as a gift from a friend :)


Lights: 3x 36W ca. 10.000 lumens. 

Flora nutrition Gro/Bloom/Micro Ph down and a tester.


The small one is about 3 weeks old and was in water-nutrition box and went in soil 5 day's ago. Going to give it 2-3 weeks more in veg and then in flower mode.

The big one came as a clone and went in soil on 1. sep. and has been in veg for 9+ weeks but going on 12/12 on friday 6. dec.


Hope you enjoy my operation :)








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well those unknown babies are looking nice and seem to be growing good so far :) The leaves remind me of the Sweet mango leaves in the shape :) Well i don't know what it is but i hope you will have fems and nice flowers ;)


Have a good grow thanks for opening a journal! Keep us updated :)

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Took some measurements on dec. 5 and the small one was 20 cm and the big 60 cm. To day dec. 13 small is 33 cm and big only 63 cm but but as you can see from the pic I  put some more soil to the big one. Had some dead leafs and have 3 yellow feafs and not sure why but in case of nutrient burn so im giving it just water for the next days to see if it will turn back. Will be taking cutting be for 12/12 and taking the 2 lowest branches and maybe 2-3 more of the top.








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Thanks for the news man! Best of luck for your 12/12 so ffar the unknown girl is performing good :) I hope they will turn out female ;)


Have a good grow!

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I would not be so worried about yellow leafs.... nute burn normaly starts on leaf tips.... and works back.... do ya have a tool to check the soil ph and water ph and run off ph? ganja plant leaves do wither and go yelllow on there own over time.... also I see in the last few pics the yellow leaf's are 3 leaf retards ie the plant was stressed when it produced them in the first place....


I sure like how they look flat from the 1 sided light ehehehehe... looks like ya printed a pot plant on some paper and hung it on the wall for a decoration ^_^.

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