Problems with Powder Feed Mostly Indica in flower?

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What's up Strainghunters?

I'm currently on the 3rd week of flower and I've been using Powderfeed mostly indica on 2 skywalker og clones and super lemon haze (seeing if mostly indica can be used on a sativa) from clone/seed and I noticed there is nitrogen toxicity on many leaves. I know it's nitrogen toxicity, but isn't this powder feed supposed to be used all the way through flower? I'm going to cut down on my current ec of 1 to around .6 and add bloom boosters (hammerhead and MOAB). I think the nitrogen percentage is too high for my plants in the flowering stage. I might pass on the powderfeed next batch or drop the ec and add bloom boosters. 

Anyone else experiencing this?



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Hi man, do you have some pics of your plants as well? it would be good to see it.


For your problem, it depends which way you've used the powder, your atering frequency your medium and a lot of things ^^ If you have given nutrient once every other watering without overfeeding them ( i don't think you did overfeed them at EC 1, but feeding at every watering could have cause this if you did? ) then usually you won't have any problem.  By feeding at every watering  or almost every watering can be a little more tricky, it can work if you know your plants and skills and make sure to have a little runoff everytime to avoid as much as possible salt build up, but it can work on most strains, for sure some will not like it.


And also for the SLH she would have probably prefered the hybrid mix if you can ;) I know the SKywalker is a hybrid as well with indica dominant but perhaps she would have prefered the indica, little pictures to see the girl would have help to tell :)


And last thing, week 3 is a good time now to give your first flowering flush ;) Give them a good shower flush now and another in 2 weeks more or less and feed in between and you should like it :)  and then i'm always prefering a 3rd final flush before harvest and no nutrient period, but some people don't ;)


Good luck man hope you will finally enjoy the PF ;)

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Hey, I figured out that it was mainly my pH pen was not calibrated and was off by a whole number. For instance, I thought it was a ph of 5.7 and it was actually 6.7. So I think it was mainly due to the ph pen and I cut back on the powder feed and added bloom boosters as well. The plants are fine and frosty as hell. Mmm

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