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Whats better manala or kasol ?

Dehadun bABA

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A very obscure question, I would imagine most people would not understand the question.

I just googled each word individually and I am none the wiser.

Please could you provide more information and maybe rephrase the question.




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Was what I was thinking.Kasol is a village in Himachal Pradesh, northern India. It is situated in Parvati Valley. It is also home to a small isreali settlement so a little different from  your usuall himalayan village.

Kasol is 20Km away from Manala,which is an hours trek over broken roads.

Didn't read the title properly, in the post one of the words is spelt "malan" and not "malana" as it is in the tile. this is where confusion arose.

By stuff i pressume it means "Hashish" such as Malana cream & manali charas.

Malana is in a side valley of the parvati valley and is north east of the Kullu valley, this part of the Himalaya's full of wonderful Hashish.

In 2010 a road was completed to Manala and has cut the journey from several days trekking to 4 hours by road From Leh.

As for which is better stuff, I can't say there is only 20 kilometers  between Manala & Kasol. I imagine there may be different qualities of Hashish but as for which has the better Hashish, I can't say. The two villages probably very similar types of plants as there is regualar trade betwwen these villages, The plants are hand rubbed for charas.

As for where to stay I would read the loney planet or have a look at trip advisor.


One last thing Manali charas is one of my favorite smokes and I just love the flavor. In the 1990's there was a lot of this going around and it was fantastic and happy days. These days I don't come across it & would love to get my hands on some. Time to save some pennies and go visit the Dam,which is nearest place to me to get some. :(  Unless I travel on a highway made by mullberry eating catapillars ;)



The question asked was not very detailed and I would like to see little more than a which is better question.

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