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I'm pretty positive I already know the answer to this question.. but I guess I can't be certain with out asking. Forgive me if this is insulting or stupid and I'm more or less looking for an answer from someone who knows for sure via maybe a mod or employee or someone who is generally trusted with providing information. The question is Green House seeds are all NON GMO am I correct in thinking this? 

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Every Feminized Seed is Genemanipulated otherwise it wouldnt be 99.99% female quite logic.

And as GHS only sells feminized Seeds u can et if they are or not ;)

But what are ur concerns? nothing harmfull will be in the seeds nor in ur harvest..

So why are u asking such a question? :)



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It's a general question I like to know what I'm buying. I understand the logic of the fem seed and Gene manipulation that isn't exactly what the question was, I'm more in the ball park of what they are doing to the food seed's and how GMO food is pretty much unhealthy.. They are creating GMO weed seeds now a days kind of in a similar form  which I'm sure can have some of the same not great qualities as GMO food seeds.. as I do consume and smoke my stuff so as silly as the questions sounds it isn't really.. I just like to know what I'm getting into and I don't mean manipulating a female to reproduce with it's self I mean.. I can do that at my house prob not as good as they can but it isn't a hard thing. 

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lol ok..

Dude i never heard of any body trying anything else then feminizing the seeds in Therms of GMO would love when u tell me what they do else than that :)

And further i would looove to see where GMO vegetables atre harmfull to Humans..

And no sir feminizing Seeds isnt that easy as u may think to get a stable feminisation u have to know exactly what u are doing ;)

I would say if ur searching for Seeds thar are just the pure Deal then go to someone like Nirvanaseeds and get theyr landraces not crossed once not feminized and u have ur Deal ;)

But imo this is a bit silly ^^


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Ok Dude .. It was question.. 

I didn't say getting a stable strand of feminized seed's was easy now did I? I said the general concept in some forms can be easily started.. Hence why I said the company would do it much better via they have the time and resources... If you search GMO weed seed's you will find that some places are starting .. now why would a company do such a thing you ask? cause they can and they are curious

GMO -it has to do with gene splicing and other shit like exposing the plant and seeds to chemicals and pesticides to form plant mutations and they wait till they find a mutation that leaves a more desirable out come to the plant.. like more drought resistant more tolerable to undesirable conditions.. so again you ask why some one would.. well if you could say you have a weed plant that can survive a little longer in a drought wouldn't that be a great marketing tool?  I get the crossbreeding to create new strains.. I know about the fem process I usually do a fair bit of research on the hobbies and passions I decide to pursue... So me asking if anyone knows for sure isn't that stupid or silly it's genuine curiosity .. I said it may be a silly or stupid question as so I don't offend the people who breed these strains just in case they are easily offended ( which I would be slightly when it comes to my life work )

I was just looking for a simple answer not a sarcastic smart ass one.  But hey when you ask questions you can always expect one person to make it unpleasant. I did my extra research and found on other forums my answer with out the bullshit lol thanks tho pal  

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Hi firends, 


All seeds from Green House, currently, are only in feminized form. This means that one of the parent, used for crossing (sometimes it's the same if S1) has been reversed.

It is a normal and usual technique, used by all banks cannabis seeds. :)

NEVER, modified transgenically.


I think, you think, in the company "Monsanto" and its modified transgenic, with maize for example, in USA.

We do not do that friend, never transgenically modified.


I hope that answers your question, If you have further questions, we are here to help you resolve ;)



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Thank you, I appreciate  your reply. I have green house seed's on the way as of this morning, I always had a fair idea they are a trusted company with all the time they take to make there grow videos and provide all the extra information. Sometimes you got to ask the questions though. Again thank you 

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