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While looking for a new strain to grow, I really liked the sound of White Strawberry Skunk, so I bought them!! 

I soaked 15 seeds on 14th February, for around 12 hours, their tap root appeared in tissue the next day and 2 days later they all were out of the ground! There I was thinking happy days!

But since then I've been having murder with them! They're a little inconsistent in terms of pheno's. There's a range of heights, leaf types, and reactions to their environment (which has been monitored and controlled well), I have one that looks like it's Indica dominant, and nothing like any of the others! I should also mention, I have one C99 that was popped at the same time, in the exact same environment, that is absolutely fine, and has caused me no issues.

So I took to google for some reviews and grow journals, but I could barely find a good word to be said about Green House Seeds, Strain Hunters, or Arjan... Queue, PANIC!! 

I woke up today, and decided to put the bad rep down to haters and ask my questions here! After all, the bigger you are the larger the target!


So what I would like to find out is:

  • How is White Strawberry Skunk stabilised? e.g. Backcrossing.
  • Is it really a high yielder?
  • Should I be culling the weak ones now!?


Also, if anyone has any personal experience with WSS, I would hugely appreciate some feedback on:

  • The end product e.g. taste, yield (with how many lights), strength, 
  • Whether it's a heavy or light feeder (Hydro),
  • Any traits or things to watch out for - Both, good & bad!

I'm hoping that by asking my questions here, I will avoid the haters and gain some valuable information.


Thanks in advance guys!

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I ran her on 400w 4 week vegging , increased light to 600w hps for last 4 wks of flower and they yielded average 70g. I grew them in soil, the smell in the tent is great , earthy fresh strawberry, the smoke reminds me of strawberry milkshake.

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Thanks Gaz, when you say averaged 70g, how many did you do? Or if it's easier, grams per watt..

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I only ran two last time, with some afgooey .

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