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Need help Choosing the right strain for Phoenix Tears - Cancer Therapy

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All I want right now is a straight answer. 

I want someone to tell me which strain(s) are specific to the most effective 'cancer cell suicide' trait caused by cannabinoids and trichomes(spell correct??)

We have been administering cannabis oil for my wifes breast cancer for 4 months, as clean as we can find it. I learned today that "KUSH' is not effective against cancer cells. Further, 80% of the products available in edible, or oil/shatter form are derived from 'KUSH' specie flowers. I feel duped. I feel tripped up by the misinformation.

I am now growing my own, one is a 'Pinapple Kush'~ and an Indica 'Mango Chutney'
I did not cultivate these plants as they came with the grow kit I purchased. 

I am not interested in wasting any more time here. I want to grow clean organic bud in the specie that it should be, in order to prevent and cure my wifes breast cancer. 

I need to know what strain is correct and...... I NEED TO KNOW WHY. 

Can you help me?

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From what I know CBD is the ingredient that you will be looking for. CBD make white globul more active in the system and help to produce them. Most kush will have low cbd content, more thc. So avalable space  and what you grow in need to be taking in consideration.

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From what i have researched CBD cannabinoils are more geared to those with palsy and tremors. Even Rick Simpson has made teh claim that the sativa strains which are more likely to have high contents for CBD are not prefered as teh THC is the compound desired. The frosting, resin on the buds. 

This is exactly the issue. Misinformation. 

Is there anyone who can attest to the strains they have grown, specifically for medical oil creation? Results and testimonies are welcome. 

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it is hard to suggest any specific strains since there arent many studys done on the subject and they are mostly done on mouses with synthetic variants instead of full plant extract from specific variety

but i found this study that says it is alot more effective to use both thc and cbd together, instead of one over another+ would think all the other cannabinoids and terpenes that full plant extraction gives you is optimal


cbd crew and barneys farm have many proven cbd strain on the market 1:1~ and 1:2~ ratios and many other ratios and they are all what they should be some companys are selling bs cbd seeds (mainly from spain) that are not proven to contain any cbd at all... some sick people abusing people that just want medicine:/

im currently growing cbd critical cure from barneys and it is great plant in every way, the effect is extremely pleasant for me it gives full body effect from head to toes, it has 1:1.5~ thc:cbd ratio

this site has laboratory results from many different strains that you might find locally if you live in states or to just check results from dif strains  http://analytical360.com/


also i found this article that suggest using only thc alone with no other compounds might even increase certain type of estrogen- positive tumor growth... the mis-information that rick and many other new-age hipster sources provide can be detrimental to your health and i would seriously steer away from reading them even if they all mean well


''According to doctors and patients we have worked closely with, breast cancer tumors can be effectively treated with cannabis oil. However, they caution, the ratios of the tumor-busting cannabinoids THC and CBD must be matched to the classification of breast cancer—with certain kinds of breast cancer, namely those that are estrogen- positive, the tumor will actually grow if too much THC is used!

Although there are many types of breast cancer, they are usually grouped into four categories, depending on how they show up on diagnostic tests:

  1. Estrogen receptor positive (ER+) or progesterone receptor positive (PR+): About two in three cases of breast cancer (more in older women) have receptors for one or both of these hormones.
  2. HER2/neu (a.k.a. HER2 or ErbB2): HER2/neu is a protein that is over-copied by certain types of breast cancer. HER2-positive cancers spread more rapidly than other types of cancer.
  3. Triple negative: These breast cancers do not have estrogen or progesterone receptors and don’t show overproduction of HER2. Triple-negative breast cancers spread aggressively because they don’t respond to hormones or drugs that target HER2, but chemotherapy is an option.
  4. Triple positive: These types of breast cancer are ER+ and PR+, and they have too much HER2 production. They can be treated with hormones, HER2 drugs, and chemo.''



rick simpson is not a source i would trust or look up to in any way on this subject as everything he says about cannabis or the most effective cannabinoids or what works best for cancer is based on hes personal opinion and limited experience and not in science in any way he has never made any studies/trials/control tests on different varietys or active compounds that are helping fight off cancer also he doesnt seem to realize how many different types of cancers there are obivously since some seem to grow faster with pure thc alone

the information he provides is dangerous and i would not do the extraction like he says either as it is full of wrong potentially dangerous information that he doesnt seem to be able to fix on hes guide even after he has been told several times about it, there are other much cleaner and safer extraction methods

hope you are also looking at using cannabis  together with normal proven chemo therapy treatments for that specific type of tumor it is since there are many types that work in different ways. you shouldnt be choosing one healing method over the other or to trust people that dont even know what tumor you have. as far as i can tell, i would personally use both to get best chance unless my body got too weak to deal with the chemo anymore. but that is only my personal opinion on this since i only have limited information on the subject


there are way too many religious bs information sources that try to cram in with science it  makes me cry, they are making big claims on this subject at the cost of peoples lives but never actually provide any evidence or source material and it can be dangerous and fatal road to fall into, when ever you read article that doesnt link you to a source study please leave it alone, remember there are pretty much only mouse studys on cannabinoids and cancer and the amounts of cannabinoids per body mass they used are massive and the people who had positive results also used massive amounts, if you dont use the chemo few grams of bud per day is not gonna cut anything except relive the symptoms perhaps, you want massive amounts to fight the cancers properly if it even helps for the specific type, several grams of high grade extraction/kief daily


im sorry i cannot provide you anything more concrete on this subject:/    wish you find the right cannabinoid ratio and get better, peace

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Feel free to PM me if you run into growing issues !


There is no situation we can't deal with and we are a very helpful community indeed.



All the best to your wife


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