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Strain Hunters Site Certificate ???

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Hi Guys, it's Toaor back again and a happy new year to all.

Just an FYI, when I try to login to this site I get a warning from my browser that the Site Certificate is out of date, therefore could be under attack from hackers trying to steal information.

I logged in on three different browsers Chrome, Opera and Mozilla, all three gave warnings not to proceed unless I trust this site, which I did but would like the assurance that everything is up to date please.

All the best for 2016

Peace y'ole


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I wrote to Admin today to fix it. Thats one of the reasons i have not been around. Hopefully he will get right on it. It´s been like this for many months.

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Tokage and Toaor,

I had encountered that exact same warning back in 2013 when I first joined Strain Hunters.  And then I bumped into it again when I configured 2 more new computers and logged onto the forum for the first time on each of them.  I figured that it must have to do with some kind of internet traffic "tracking/spying - defeat mechanism" being used by the Strain Hunters IT-fellows in their efforts to protect us. 

Well, just today I ran across something while I was looking into the Wikileaks website (wikileaks.org) that makes me think that that could be true.  I hope it is so, but I would like to learn more, and I would also like to hear a response from admin.

What I found is seen at the bottom of the home webpage of wikileaks.  It is a link to a website called Tor.  Tor describes itself:

What is Tor?

Tor is free software and an open network that helps you defend against traffic analysis, a form of network surveillance that threatens personal freedom and privacy, confidential business activities and relationships, and state security.


There is much much more at that website to read about, so my Friends, I urge you to go to that website and learn more.  Maybe the browser and the server-hopping internet-surfing that they describe is a more secure way to surf the internet.  Please tell me what you think.  The website is:  https://www.torproject.org/


@admin, is StrainHunters using some kind of server-hopping service?  And would it be advisable for us members to use such a server-hopping service for our access to the site?


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The site certificate is as i know it updated now. The security on this site is after a standard but i must ask Admin more about it. In the end, the best defence comes from the members/users own initiative with programs such as "Tor" as mentioned in above text. Other things a user can do to protect them self is the use of "VPN" *PRESS ME*

Getting a hold of Admin is sometimes a very hard thing to do because he has his own company /s but i will try and see what he says about this.

Thx Cannabissapean for bringing this up.   

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