Super Bud x Train Wreck, outdoor 2017

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HI guys

She has not had a good life out there, the only nutes i have given is 1 sample pack of

the new bio bloom from Green House.

See you in 4 weeks hopefully not found.



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Where did you say you planted that plant? 







                                                                                                                           I just knew that I was missing a couple bricks...

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Hi hunters,

she now has some pistels forming, she had another battering out there

even tried to tie back the spilt caused by wind.

im now pretty sure she is not going to finish, we will see.

for out door in UK i think she is doing ok.

here is also a plant from last year out door, loverly pink pistels.

peace guys.





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Hang in there, SlimJim.  Hurricanes Harvey and Irma will be sending you warm weather for a few more weeks to come, unfortunately also moisture...

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