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Found 8 results

  1. Hey guys, welcome to my grow journal for the Outdoor World Cup! Originally i thought about starting this journal after my seeds arrived. But they are not here yet and it is June/15. I ordered the free kit with power feeding. So I do not know yet which strain i am going to get. But i can give you already some information about the equipment i will use for the seedlings and early vegetative phase indoor. Lets start with the room. My tent from Grow Lab is called GL 100. It has an area of 1 square meter (100cmx100cm) and is 2 meters tall. Inside there is a reflective foil everywhere. You have a lot of holes for you your air and water tubes or for cables. From the outside it is black and it offers you two windows to watch your plants while the tent is closed. Like that you can make sure that your air circulation stays as usual. The air circulation is made by a System Air RKV 200E2-A1 LTI as outtake that has about 770 m³/h. For the intake there is a small axial fan. The System Air fan is connected to a cooltube reflector called Sputnik. I have the large one with a 150mm connector. This reflector is really awesome. It is cool and really big. The surface is covered with a nice reflective material. Compared to other reflectors the Sputnik offers the most light in the middle of the reflector. It has the perfect size for 1 m². The reflector is already a nice tool to keep the temperature low. But for the perfect adjustment I use a G SE Fan Controller that offers me to the fan speed, the temperature, the humidity and the negative pressure. The intake fan as well as the outtake fan are connected to it. The electrical power for the light inside the reflector comes from a Lumatek ballast. The Lumatek is one of the new generation ballasts that are more efficient and allow you to change the W. In my case i can switch between 400W, 400W SL, 600W and 600 W SL. SL means Super Lumen and should increase the power by 10%. So it is 400W, 440W, 600W, 660W. The ballast will run a 400W MH light with 440W/400W LS. The soil i use is called BioBizz Light Mix. Allright! That´s my setup! Now I have to wait for the seeds! As soon as they arrive i will start germinating them. And ofcourse i will take pictures and use them in my next update for you guys! Feel free to comment and to ask questions! aeroguy
  2. Hello friends! I'm almost finished my autoflower grow and just can't wait any longer to get my Cup journal started. Especially since I picked up the seeds 2 days ago and my "secret weapons" shipment that I ordered from Holland on Friday, showed up here in Canada by UPS today Talk about fast! After the success that I saw switching to the Powderfeed with my auto's about 1/2 way through the grow, I decided to add to the free 1 kg of Hybrid Powderfeed that GHSC generously sent me (to be used for the Trainwreck during flowering) by purchasing 1 kg of Mother's Powderfeed for both strains for vegetative growth & 1 kg of Sativa (called "Long Flowering" for Canada & the USA customers lol) for the Super Lemon Haze plants during flowering. As you can see in the picture, they also kindly and generously sent me a free hat (my first GHSC item!) after I spoke with them by phone when my dumb ass (see also stoned) accidentally clicked and ordered 2 bags of Mother Powderfeed by mistake I have to say that the guys at the Powderfeed store were more than friendly and easy to deal with. Thanks Mike, and thanks to the kind gentleman who answered my call, in Dutch, and got a good laugh when I innocently asked if he spoke English and then replied in perfect English, "Why yes of course" LOL. Oh boy..most Dutch speak English don't they? I can be so ignorant sometimes I thought many did but.. I need to thank Bigbrown for the "Yin-Yang" name, when I mentioned the strains I was thinking he said something about it being a real Yin-Yang grow, and he's right with two powerful strains at very opposite ends of the effects spectrum My plans so far are to germinate 6 seeds, 3 from each strain, grow them all out until they are ready to transplant into the 23 liter containers and go into the scrog keeping the 2 best from each strain and culling the other 2. I'm also thinking of doing a comparison with some plants receiving only the Powderfeed & the others the Powderfeed plus a few additives but I'm not 100% sure how I want to do that with 3 plants from each strain or exactly what additives I want to use. I might try just Powderfeed on 1 plant from each strain and additives on the other 2 plants for vegging, then move to 1 plant from each strain receiving only Powderfeed and the other 1 from each strain Powderfeed plus additives once they move into the 23 L pots. If anyone has any suggestions or comments please feel free to voice them I'm hoping to see/show that while the plants with additives may do a little better, there is not a huge difference between them and that the increased ease of use, and lower cost of using just the Powderfeed makes it an awesome product. But we will have to see, the purely Powderfeed plants may even outperform the plants with additives..that would be cool!! What I'm really hoping that I see that purchasing all of these additives and mixing them is a waste of my time and money But I'm a tinker, I just have to screw with stuff and try and make it a little better lol I'm not germinating today, germination date is January 2nd, same date as the harvest of my 3 remaining autos which I will hang to dry in the grow tent since it will not be in use until the SLH & Trainwreck babies grow bigger (and since it has a carbon filter!). I would start them right away but my seedling area right now is in the same room as my veg/flowering tent and it is at about 30-32% rH right now to finish flowering. So just before they are done I will be cranking up the 9 gallon humidifier shown in the picture that I just purchased specifically for this purpose to get rH to about 60% which will be perfect for a nice slow dry of the 3 plants from my last grow, and high enough for seedlings to start off comfortably. More pictures and details about gear and nutrients will follow with germination pictures next post which should be Jan 03 or 04th. I am picking up a few new intake fan for the tent, an EC meter, and a 4th LED for vegetative growth and supplementary flowering lighting in the tent for sure. So that being said here are a few pictures of awesome GHSC products to start of this grow journal, as well as the awesome new Bob Marley shirt I got as a Christmas gift Best of luck to all growers and friends! PEACE EDIT: Ya I just realized I put the wrong package of seeds in front of the wrong case anyone is concerned that I may not know which one to use with what strain LOL
  3. right, so the seeds arrived yesterday. Weather has been lovely for the last week, but today seems cloudy. oh well. I have put some seeds in wet tissue paper to germinate. once they germ, I will be putting them into small pots outside in the greenhouse for a week or so. I will up date every step. in the mean time, il get some pots of soil with powder feed mixed up into the soil tomorrow so it ready and soaked in to the soil in advance!
  4. Hey everyone, in the latest of times ive finally started germinating 2 Caboose's! They will be grown in soil! 8 Feb Germination started, Little general info: Both seeds germinated in less then 30hours. Powder feeding started -/-. Technique used; I am using acouple of cotton pad's, keeping them in a pitch-dark box with a humidifier on the left and a heating-element to the right, with the lid ontop of the box semi-open for letting fresh oxygen and a fine fog from the humid'r down & in. Condititions; For the first 8hours of germination i had 26°C (78,8F) & 99% RH, i later changed this to 23°C (73,4F) & 75%-85% RH. I'm keeping such a low temp since seeds are indica. Keeping them moist & a steady eye. Setup i will use for propogating & vegg'in is my 200W CFL & a little Vents-100 fan. The setup i am using for flowering is a 400w hps at the moment, hoping to get another one before week 4 flowering. Mylar on the walls. I have prepared a container for their seedling stage, it is a small pot made out of mainly peat, i have some positive experience from it, but i've done alittle experiment this time; I first made a very "airy" mix with only the smallest hydroton pellets, a soil already containing "mini-clay-peb" & some vermiculite. I put the mix in theese peat-containers, i dig out the middle of the mix, putting only soil i the middle of the container, then i water it heavy, like flush them. GreenHouse powder feeding all the way! My other Caboose, you can find it here! Peace!
  5. empiezo el seguimiento de caboose para el indoor world cup , perdon por subir estas fotos asi , pero tengo pensado poner todo cuando termine el cultivo una vez q corte muestro todo ahora les muestro algunas fotos de como va ya q no tengo mucho tiempo para subir todas , recordar q le saco fotos cada 2 dias y estas son solo algunas , recordar que una vez finalizado el proceso de cultivo voy a subir el seguimiento entero de todo el proceso caboose con abano organico. cuna vez que termine todo el proceso voy a subir todo el seguimiento completo de CABOOSE
  6. La Asociación Madrileña de Estudios sobre el Cannabis (AMEC) celebra la Ceremonia de Entrega de Premios de la XVI Copa de la Marihuana en el Eko, el próximo sábado día 15 de diciembre a partir de las 5 de la tarde. Como viene siendo habitual en sus eventos, habrá algunas charlas relacionadas con el mundo cannábico, conciertos, ambiente chill-out, y cualquier otra cosa que se nos pueda ocurrir de aquí al sábado, culminando todo ello con la emocionante y disputada entrega de premios, acto final en que se anunciarán las personas ganadoras de las diferentes categorías que entran a cómputo (Mejor Cultivador/a, Mejor Catador/a, Mejor Presencia, Mejor Gusto y Mejor Efecto, sin olvidarnos de entregar amigablemente el tradicional manual de autocultivo a la persona cuya planta resulte menos valorada a modo de premio de consolación). Como sabéis, este evento se enmarca dentro de la lucha política que, desde hace ya casi 20 años, AMEC ejerce contra el hipócrita y represivo posicionamiento institucional respecto al cannabis. En esta línea, nada mejor que encontrarnos contigo el próximo sábado 15 en un espacio que, igualmente, nace y se mantiene como ejemplo de reivindicación de un modo de hacer política diferente, en el cual la ciudadanía se posicione como parte activa de la sociedad en la que quiere desarrollarse. espero poder pasarme esta tarde ya os contare que tal
  7. The Green House Seed Co sweeps the 25th High Times Cannabis Cup 2012 awards in Amsterdam by winning first prize for the overall cannabis cup, first prize for best Nederhash, and first prize for the best import hash. Jason Mraz was given the honor of presenting Arjan & Franco of the Green House the awards. Every year around 2500 'judges' flock to Amsterdam to vote for the best cannabis in the world, and this year the majority voted the Green House's Flower Bomb Kush as the best cannabis available in Amsterdam. Furthermore Green House's Sharkberry Cream won best import hash and their Lemon Crystal won best nederhash. The High Times Cannabis Cup has been held in Amsterdam for the past 25 years and is known as the most important cannabis competition in the world. Earlier this year Amsterdam was still fighting the new Dutch legislation which would introduce the weed pass, a measure that would ban tourists from the city's coffeeshops where marijuana can be smoked legally. Several weeks ago the mayor of Amsterdam announced that the weed pass would not be implemented in Amsterdam, so the High Times Cannabis Cup will continue to flourish in the years ahead. Follow us on facebook: http://www.facebook....greenhouseseeds or on our website: THE CANNABIS CUP 1st Place - Flower Bomb Kush from the Green House Coffeeshop 2nd Place - Shoreline from the Green Place 3rd Place - Evergrey from the Grey Area SEED COMPANY SATIVA 1st Place - Amnesia Haze from Soma's Sacred Seeds 2nd Place - Sour Amnesia from Hortilab 3rd Place - Green Shack from Strain Hunters Seedbank INDICA 1st Place - Kosher Kush from Reserva Privada 2nd Place - True OG from Elemental Seeds 3rd Place - SFV OG Kush from Cali Connection HYBRID 1st Place - Loud Scout from Loud Seeds 2nd Place - Rock Star from Bonguru Seeds 3rd Place - Rug Burn OG from Rare Dankness Seeds HASH 1st Place - The Wheezy from Reserva Privada 2nd Place - Tangerine Compound from Rare Dankness Seeds 3rd Place - The Tangie from DNA Genetics CBD AWARD - Lion's Tabernacle from Cali Connection COFFEESHOPS NEDERHASH 1st Place - Lemon Crystal from the Green House Coffeeshop 2nd Place - Grey Crystal from the Grey Area 3rd Place - M.O.G from the Green Place IMPORT HASH 1st Place - Sharkberry Cream from the Green House Coffeeshop 2nd Place - Twizzler from the Green Place 3rd Place - Maroc Lemon Haze from The Bushdocter EXPO BEST BOOTH 1st Place - Big Buddha Seeds 2nd Place - Cali Connection 3rd Place - Roor BEST PRODUCT 1st Place - Big Buddha Seeds Goodie Bag from Big Buddha Seeds 2nd Place - PUFFiT Inhaler/Vaporizer from VapoShop and Discreet Vape 3rd Place - Tiny Sister from Roor BEST GLASS 1st Place - Drill Bill from Roor Glass 2nd Place - Puk Pipe from Puk Pipe 3rd Place - The MF Doom Borch from DNA Genetics and Hitman Glass
  8. SALUDOS GENTE ACA LES DEJO LA NOTICIA DE LA COPA DE URUGUAY SEGUN LA LEVANTO "PAGINA 12". EL EVENTO ESTUBO MUY BIEN ORGANIZADO Y DESDE AQUI APROVECHO A FELICITAR Y A AGRADER A JUAN VAZ, ORGANIZADOR DEL EVENTO, DEL CUAL GREEN HOUSE PARTICIPO COMO SPONSOR. =============================================================================== ============================================ :sungum: Un torneo que se hace humo Por primera vez en Uruguay se realizó un torneo que premia la mejor planta de cannabis. Se presentaron 72 muestras y participaron alrededor de 300 personas. Un argentino obtuvo el primer premio en la categoría internacional. En Buenos Aires lleva varias ediciones. Por Emilio Ruchansky En una casona del barrio montevideano El Prado, se realizó la primera Copa Cannábica de Uruguay. En total compitieron 72 muestras de marihuana en un evento que reunió a casi 300 personas, entre activistas, cultivadores, comerciantes de adminículos para usuarios y representantes de medios especializados. “No estamos haciendo nada ilegal aunque esté prohibido redistribuir y repartir sustancias. Esto es consumo colectivo, algo que nuestra Corte Suprema ya avaló en el fallo Guillot”, aseguró Laura Blanco, una de las organizadoras y presidenta de Asociación de Estudios Cannábicos del Uruguay (Aecu). El jurado tuvo varios miembros argentinos y se dieron premios para flores cosechadas en exterior o bajo lámpara o “indoors”. “El gobierno uruguayo puede estar tranquilo, tienen buenos cultivadores”, señaló el ganador de la categoría Internacional, el cultivador argentino, conocido como Chirry. Según explicó Juan Vaz, integrante de Aecu y del colectivo Planta tu planta, en este tipo de competencias se evalúa la presentación, el olor, el gusto y el efecto. “Como en la Copa Del Plata, que hace años se hace en Buenos Aires, éste es un evento para sibaritas”, comentó. Vaz y otros cultivadores también presentaron la tienda online, donde una vez por semana se despachan pedidos de humus, sustratos y preparados orgánicos para combatir las distintas plagas que pueden atacar al cannabis. “Más que una tienda, es un hobby compartido entre amigos”, agregó. Otro de los emprendimientos que se expusieron en la feria, que ocupaba un extenso galpón al fondo de la casona, era una serie de objetos fabricados con cañamo: remeras, camperas, bolsos y jabones. “La fibra del cañamo sirve para muchísimas aplicaciones y en Uruguay se está investigando, se planta en China, en Europa y en varias partes de América del Norte, pero sigue prohibido en Sudamérica. Es ridículo”, dijo a este diario Lupo, un italiano que vive en Argentina, quien retuvo algunos de estos productos aunque ya los había vendido para que pudieran verlos otras personas. Los competidores y sus invitados también pudieron llevarse, gratis, el número 1 de la primera revista cannábica de Brasil: Semsemente (sin semilla). “Tuvimos problemas para imprimirla y también para distribuirla; la discusión en Brasil está muy retrasada pero se está dando”, dijo William Lantelme, director de arte de la Semsemente y uno de los jurados de la copa. La revista argentina THC (uno de los sponsors del evento) y Haze también tuvieron sus stands, al igual que las tiendas de cultivo y parafernalia locales: Yuyo Brothers, Urugrow y Kaboa. También hubo representantes de los bancos de semillas europeos Puresativa y Greenhouse. Las muestras que probaron los competidores se repartieron en cajas de cerámica con tapa de madera. “Te dan tres muestras, dos paquetes de sedas, que son medio pelo, una lapicera, un papel para puntuar y dos semillas de Greenhouse”, enumeró Walty, un competidor oriental. Luego presentó a sus amigos: “Acá estamos los tres tipos de cultivadores: el procesado, al que le robaron la cosecha y yo...”. “El cultivador exitoso”, interrumpió el muchacho procesado por tener “ocho matas en casa”. Aunque el jurado tuvo la responsabilidad de evaluar las muestras, los demás cultivadores cataron flores todo el día para votar el premio del público, que se conocerá en pocos días. El lugar elegido, mientras acompañó el sol, fue el patio de la casona. Los competidores se sentaron en pequeños cubos, trituraron las muestras, las olfatearon y degustaron, mientras se servían café con leche, mate, té, chocolatada y croissants. En la cocina también había manzanas, mandarinas y bananas para contrarrestrar la baja del nivel de glucosa en sangre que produce el uso de marihuana. Nacho, conocido como Nevermore en los foros de, concurrió con tres amigos con los que comparte su cultivo de guerrilla. “Vamos a un parador a cuarenta minutos de Montevideo y sembramos en lugares públicos. Primero nos comemos un asadito, después regamos y revisamos las plantas”, contó. Para él, la iniciativa del gobierno para producir y regular la venta de cannabis es interesante para el público en general. “No para mí que prefiero el autocultivo y creo que también tenemos que permitirlo”, agregó el joven. Por la tarde se intensificó la tarea de los jurados para coronar a los campeones de las distintas categorías, mientras por teleconferencia el gurú de los cultivadores, el norteamericano Jorge Cervantes, adelantó que pronto visitará la región. “Vengo escuchando muy buenas noticias en América latina, sobre todo en Uruguay, creo que es un gran momento”, dijo Cervantes. Cuando le consultaron sobre las falencias propias de los cultivadores sureños, el gurú fue al grano: “No le dan suficiente calcio a la planta cuando está floreciendo. Pero se soluciona con harina de hueso”. Los ganadores fueron anunciados por el locutor radial Ernesto Muñiz, quien destacó la “dura tarea” del jurado. Las muestras de cinco gramos, como mínimo, fueron recibidas dos semanas antes de la copa. “El ganador de cultivo exterior trajo una muestra con pegue limpio y para arriba”, describió uno de los organizadores, antes de premiar a Juan Guano, de 23 años, que envió una cruza de semillas “Amnesia Haze por White Widow” y trabaja en la tienda Urugrow. Luego vino la sorpresa del torneo. El ganador de la categoría “indoor” fue un tal Mojo Risin, que envió unas flores de Prozac, del banco Medical Seeds. “Es la primera vez que planto”, dijo y recibió un extenso aplauso. El premio internacional fue para el argentino Chirri, que llevó una muestra de Moby Placebo, una cruza genética de su autoría. “Perdí la cuenta de cuántas cosechas tuve”, reconoció luego. Laura Blanco, una de las organizadoras, terminó agotada y feliz: “Pasaron los activistas que más se la juegan y hubo mucho intercambio de información. Fue un gran acto desobediencia civil”. http://www.pagina12.....012-08-06.html

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Strain Hunters is a series of documentaries aimed at informing the general public about the quest for the preservation of the cannabis plant in the form of particularly vulnerable landraces originating in the poorest areas of the planet.

Cannabis, one of the most ancient plants known to man, used in every civilisation all over the world for medicinal and recreational purposes, is facing a very real threat of extinction. One day these plants could be helpful in developing better medications for the sick and the suffering. We feel it is our duty to preserve as many cannabis landraces in our genetic database, and by breeding them into other well-studied medicinal strains for the sole purpose of scientific research.

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