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Rosin vs. BHO Extraction

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For anyone who's tried both: do you feel like the Rosin Tech method of extraction produces similar results as classic BHO extraction? I'm clumsy AF so I stay away from extraction - don't need an idiot like me giving extraction a bad name by blowing myself up LOL! But Rosin pressing seems pretty safe but I'm just wondering if the results are worth it. 

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It is for sure the easier and safer method of making extractions and in my experience with good starting material (buds or hash) you can get some really nice rosin. The most difficult part is to dial in the best temp and presure depnding on the material and equipment used. 

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Well yeah for sure rosin is worth trying, maybe even more atractive than BHO in my opinion if you count on the fact that it is safer to extract, ,relatively easier, yeild can be higher than BHO on some strains if you have a good machinery, up to 30% if you believe the americans ;)  and with iceolator it does a great job too, thats the main thing i like to press. So safer, maybe more terpenes, because most of the labs from good rosin slabs show over 5% of terpene which is more than any bho i believe, and you can eat the chips of flowers once you finished squishing them haha ;) Fried and in a bowl with friends ;) so no loss.

But it doesnt take away the fact that a good BHO is a good BHO of course, rosin can just be as good or better ;)


For flowers i recommend around 220ºf and if you have a lot of press around 30sec it depends the amount of weed as well. Good iceolator can go down to 180ºf even less sometimes, but regular hash will melt mainly at 190-200ºf to get the best out of it quickly, and same between 15 and 30secs i do. But we use the rosintechnologies machine so with less presure i can imagine the time will increase a bit to get the best out of it.


Have a good smoke everyone ;)

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