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Canada to legalize weed natinally in 2018

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Yes, it looks like Canada will be the first G7 country to legalize recreational marijuana nationally. This is important stuff! Wake up Strain Hunters forum!


Hopefully the US will also legalize it nationally, which would allow for interstate transport of Cannabis. Or AT LEAST decriminalize weed, or make Marijuana a class III or less drug offense so that the industry here can use banks to do business AND allow research on the medical use of Cannabis. I know, big pharma, Sessions, the cartels, the church, and the booze industry are all lobbying hard against that ever happening, but Canada legalizing weed nationally will have a huge influence in pushing legal weed forward in the states and worldwide. Mexico may also make mota legal again... they are at least talking about it down there as well. The senate in Mexico moved to legalize medical marijuana in Dec, 1016.

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That is great news. 



Too bad for those stores that got raided by the cops in just the past few days. 

I guess the cops are just pissed that the laws wanted by the majority don't jibe with their oppressive ideals.

"Democracy and freedom and the ability to vote-away unjust laws are such terrible values, aren't they."

They will just have to figure-out another way to fill those newly built beds and jail-cells in those "for-profit-run" prisons.

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