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Just Capone

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Alright my name is Just Capone I've been growing since high school, mostly outdoors but I do a little indoor. I'm looking forward to being in this group and I'm interested in anything new or novel. I'd like to ask you all for suggestions as to what forum's are trending. Thanks for allowing me to enter and I'm looking forward to learning a little along the way.

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@Just Capone, one of the quickest ways to be in on the loop on the trending threads is to use the "Follow" feature.


I would suggest that to start, you could "follow" me and OG.Naj.  When you do that, you will receive Notifications each time that we post a comment.  Notifications are found under the Bell-symbol at the top of nearly any page in this forum.  When you see those notifications, you can click straight into that ongoing thread and join-in on the discussion. 


In order to "Follow" a member, simply click on the Avatar picture of that member, you will then see their profile.  In their profile, click on "Follow Member".  Then in the pop-up, click on "Follow".  Do that for each member that you meet, and you will be up-to-date on most of the trending threads.


If you do not "Follow" other members, then you will not receive any notifications.


Once that you see how the "Follow" feature works, you will probably decide to "follow" everyone that you meet here.

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