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Hello friends,


I am a Horticulturalist looking to expand both my knowledge and experience further into the cannabis industry ever since graduating with my degree in the field, but have been experiencing difficulties due to various factors in life. I thought this forum may be a good place to do so after hearing about it's existence from an awesome individual on Instagram better known as @glassotaku. The majority of my experience lies in hydroponic plant production involving leafy greens (i.e. lettuce, kale, and arugula) and has yet to involve cannabis due to the state's legalities that I have resided in (WV, and NC currently). I've been attempting to get involved in hemp production to essentially get my foot in the door so that way I may be able to eventually get some experience with cannabis without any legal concerns, but have been experiencing difficulty due to a medical condition I've had since 2016 (i.e. Epilepsy; a condition that can be treated by this magnificent plant). It's great to join the StrainHunters forum, and I look forward to any knowledge/interactions that anyone may be able to provide!


-Chance W.

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Hi Hor-I-Cultured and welcome to forum :)


You can broaden your experience from the cultivation sections, there are many cultivation journals with different cultivation techniques. I hope you enjoy the forum.



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Hello Chance,


Welcome to the strainhunters forum, if you are interested in the cannabis sativa light, with high cbd or cbg content there are some very nice varieties available in your country nowadays. Since the days that the strain called charlotte's web was developed and people like rick simpson making the oils for his friends, the ganja been on focus for a lot of people in need of a medicine that helps instead of destroying our bodies with chemicals.

Ask what you want, might be someone with answers to your questions !


greetings from Spain

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