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Home made cab using qauntum board

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Hi all just started again not to long ago  been growing for a long time this grow I'm going to be using qauntum board in a home made cab for strain searching then switching to organic for fresh weed all the time  before i start I do have other grows in tents lol. had to wait a while to get registered so will be starting already late into flower. Also my bonsai is in there .     wish I joined when franco was around rip



Ghs super lemon haze week 4 looks to be the long flowering one .grown this strain 7 times from seed with 4 different phenos 8 weeks 10 weeks 13 weeks and 16 weeks plus just chop it down took to long 


Ghs kings kush week 5 it's the og pheno with grape and insence hope it turns purple and no I don't like to use cold todo that .this is the second time growing this one 


Ghs chem dog  week 6 its a kush leaner hope to be this one chem pheno that tasted like ammonia it was the dankest chem i smoked .grown this one 3 times with 3 different phenos 


Pacific black tuna week 5 kush starting to come in from fruity at first 



4 hlg 96v2  on hlg 320 1400 360 watts Max and hlg 260 in the middle 285 max .Will only be running 300 to 400 watts total 



No tent home made cab using dresser size I think around  3x3x5 but lights have more room about 6.5 every one's going to laugh but it has over kill light set up so evens out lol was going to be for 2 plants but I up it to 4 to 5 which is why it looks funny also will be doing stagger growing style with plants being about 2 weeks apart 



Temp 22c - 25c

Humidity 50% day and night 




Ro water 

Veg 2 part gh pro 

Flower 2 part gh pro and  gh maxibloom 

Extras gh koolbloom and  grow tek silica

Rarely use ph up and down .maxibloom acts as ph down and silica ph up .


Ph 6-6.5


also will be doing gaia green organic all-purpose and bloom with kings kush and chemdog to come  and other non ghs. 

I want to try ghsc fertilizer but it's hard to get 



Nothing crazy no intake or outtake as the cab is not sealed and is open. just a 6 ince fan and dehumidifier trying to keep it as close to 0 dollars only what it cost to run the lights and fan and dehumidifier



Pic to come 








Chemdog turning black it's looks bomb also I grown a few chendog from ghs so I know this is ghs chemdog thought gyo sold me fake seed but they were the real deal I look everywhere for them they were sold out every where I hope this is the ammonia pheno 16095323123641057623953285996071.thumb.jpg.388c94f591b2ea697a750fb373058ac9.jpg20210105_103948.thumb.jpg.6617c106e0708c032ee1ccd640c6500c.jpg20210107_113946.thumb.jpg.322867b2d9271ba28b2b613fc5d34bdc.jpg


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Not the ammonia pheno I was praying for but it's a 50 50 chem og it is bomb 2nd best pheno I'll take it.

time for some organic chemdog and super lemon haze 


After a little bit of a cure the chemdog is aaaa pheno its mouth watering taste right to the end 



Kings kush 



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