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@Jose.gh  she has a very light smell of sweet grapefruit, very sweet and citrus fruity, but she hasn’t produced many trichomes yet so il have more of a clue in a couple of weeks. 

so she has grown to a very impressive 32 inches tall and now she’s in early stages of flowering.
She has been re-potted 3 times and is now in her final 3 gallon fabric pot with coco/perlite 70/30 mix and she is so happy and has taken everything so well. 
She really is a pleasure to grow! 0DEF9813-FC8E-4AF4-A074-510614AF9A11.thumb.jpeg.ef0c10e329320826433bcaee536af178.jpeg



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Thank you so much to @Jose.gh For the bio line feeding starter kit!! 
this #lostpearl is going to seriously benefit from this to finish. 
she has around 3 weeks to go but I'm going to allow her to get as big as she needs, 

I used one scoop of bio bloom and will water as usual with a ph of 5.0

She smells like a strawberry fruit smoothie!! 
unreal sweetness 






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My juicy fruity space rocket 🍓🚀🍓🚀🍓🚀

shes at the end of week 7 here ... I'm drooling already for this one. 
and I've got some more vegging and I'm looking forward to blessed Christmas this year stocked fully with my own greenhouse variety's to choose from! 
yikes 💚🙏



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