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deer and wild pigs

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Hello all,

I'd like to know what's the best technique to keep wild pigs and deer away from an outdoor/in the woods grow?

All input welcome :)

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pee around your plants, put sweat when your sweating and dog poo or dog hairs, things that smell human and dogs usually keep them away but it depends the place some animals are used to human presence... try ^^

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Coyote piss will do it too. A lot of feed stores in areas overrun by by deer sell it these days. As coyotes and coydogs have spread from coast to coast in the States,they've become the major predator of deer, especially whitetails.

Hogs? A machine gun might work temporarily.

I regard myself lucky that I live in a region where the bear population is so high,they've run the hogs out of the area.

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Unfortunately no bears around here and, no coyote piss either (Europe has no coyotes). I'll stick with outhouse refuse should keep animals and humans away :)

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^^ Sure pretty any Piss will hold the animals away but i really wouldent want to piss around my plants first cause of the smell and second cause its pure nitogen :P

Doghairs work awesome the smellier they are the better they work ;) and otherwise use the nature, Animals are weak they allways take the easyest way so just block ur spott with branches or fallen woods so the way around is easyer than thru and the animals will make theyr easy way :)

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Hi there,


reviving this thread because the title fits my needs perfectly and I don't want to start a duplicate.


I've grown 3 seasons outdoors in a deer territory (more like a deer HQ, with really high number of deer) of which the present one is by far the worst, so I'd like to share my experience with you and also get some fresh ideas on the issue.


I've tried the typical stuff that is recommended by most people:


#1. piss around the plants

#2. plant some sweaty/stinky pieces of clothing on the spot

#3. spread human hair around the plants


None of these methods seem to work work and that's simply because this territory is located near to a settlement so the deer are completely used to human scent, to the point they won't hesitate to walk up into your garden right behind your house to eat your crops and the leaves off of apple trees.


Method #1 is especially inefficient because the piss will be flushed away by the first rain. I tried a modification of this method suggested by a friend that we called "piss molotov". As you probably realized it was made out of a plastic bottle filled with human pee with a sock hanging out from the top of the bottle, slowly releasing the smell of rotten piss throughout time just like an "air refresher" ..ehm. This obviously didn't scare the deer off either, because they came up to the molotov, that was half-way in the ground for the stability, dug it out and destroyed it.


I this case, I think, the only way to prevent them from destroying your crop is to use some mechanical barrier that will hold them away. This is what I wanted to avoid because it increases the chance of a guerrilla grow to be spotted either by random nature lovers or weed robbers.


In another thread I saw someone asking how old plants are attacked by deer the most and if they "like" the taste of it so I'll say a couple of words on this topic also. From what I've seen so far, it seems to me that the deer don't really like the scent or the looks (or whatever) of the plant so they just purposely dig them out of the ground. They might eat the leaves even of older plants, but this is totally random since they have a lot of green plants around during the season that taste better for them. In general, younger plants are attacked more often and also are much more vulnerable to the attacks. Again, the deer act pretty randomly even in this case, so it's just a matter of luck if your plant gets destroyed or not. Most of my plants that became victims of deer violence were just dug out of the soil, left lying on the ground to dry out. They also stomped on them several times in an attempt to break them. The roots weren't eaten or anything, so this was a pure act of hate. This season, 4 out of 5 Urban Poison plants of mine got killed. All 4 were pulled from the ground and left to dry out, none of them was eaten. The one that survived was pulled out  2 times, but every time I came soon enough to save her, after 2nd replanting she was very poor, stagnating for one whole month, I thought she was gonna die, but then she recovered, turning into the nicest plant of the whole batch. Big, older, flowering plants are unlikely to get destroyed by deer since they're too weak to pull them in this stage (but they try anyway).


Share your experience, please.

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