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Thin stringy leaf growth??


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-Symptoms of the problem: Okay so Ive noticed the leaves really start to stretch out and get really thin with slight yellowing on newest growth. mostly up top and its happening on some worse than others. I know sativa leaves will thin and stretch out but only the upper areas of the plants are showing this.

-Age of the plant:

i started a batch of autos on March 7th so they are just past 50days They started budding within the last 7 -10 days but some are a little behind others. 4 SuperCritical Auto, 1 Critical Jack Auto and 1 Auto Sweet Mango. the Mango isnt taking it as badly, shes doing a little better than the others.

-Meduim: CoCo with lava growstones (Roughly 3/2 mixure)

-Size of the pots: 5 Gal smartpot

-Temperature Day/night: Daytime its usually 73 - 77 but the past few days have but 80-85 but this showed up before that heat spike. Night time temps drop slightly.

-Humidity levels: 30 - 50%

-Type of feeding (brand etc..): Soul Synthetics it was my first time using so i started off pretty diluted and i dont think they liked it. i think every plant showed a sulfur deficiency so i did quite a few waterings with epsom salts, it took 2 to 3 weeks to get rid of i think it stunted their growth a lot and the reason for some being so far behind. So now Ive jumped up to just about full strength now and theyre doing okay, except for this stringy leaves...

-Watering frequency (quantity and how often): RO water. Daily 1/3 to 1/2 a gallon for each plant. feed/water/feed/water. and GH calimagic every watering 2ml/g. Ive been giving them more and more water as they get bigger.

-Last EC's used: Im not sure about ec. PPMs have been around 850. sometimes going up to 1000 or 1200 once. but no leaf tip burn...

-PH: I pH every watering to 5.8

-Light Power: 600 Watt was MH now on HPS for 7-10 days now

-Distance from the plant: varies

-Size of the room: 4x8 Grow tent

-Ventilation system: 6"vortex and 12" oscilating fan

Thanks guys!






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hi man! Thanks for using the form!

to be honest i think it is normal.. i could be mistaken, but i think it is just bcause they are high sativa dominant leaves, and the smaller they are, the thinner, i've had some leaves on some girls that looked like they didn't have serated edges, but with age and size it comes back to "normal"

so it is most likely a genetic trait rather than a problem i think! but as i always say it's just my opinion and i could be wrong of course ^^

Good luck man

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I agree with what you said, dust.

Your plants have a beautiful appearance, according to the pictures you provide.

Switching from synthetic power, to organic was a great choice I think.

I think you're doing a good job with loro.continuare so.

And I would like to compliment for the grow room, nice setup,and everything neat and clean. :)

Good Luck!

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Hey guys thanks a lot for the replies!

I really wanna believe this is just sativa genetics but my gut has really been telling me otherwise look what I found today...

-The first two pictures are the Critical Jack Auto and they are upper leaves

-The third is a little bit lower leaf on the same plant that looks much more appropriate to me...

Today I also noticed a little bit of the leaf tips turning brown




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No whites edges that just the HPS. Sorry, I dont have any other lights going currently, I will in a day or 2.

I was considering pests Ive found only 3 spiders over the past 2 months tho an killed em all.

BUT... if you look closely at the second picture at each individual leaf you can see ,near the seration, the smaller have a slight yellowing and a 'krinkling' growth deformation (on the right side) and the larger ones look like they have completely deteriorated (or maybe been eaten off by an insect) but because of the yellowing and such i think it is more likely deterioration.


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it looks very much like thrips have eaten the leaves they pop up in my plants once in a while also, some of the species are very small and hard to see the ones that are bugging me are about 1-2mm long you can see similar damage in my gallery pics, the adults eat the leaves, come to lay eggs in the leaf tissue, the eggs hatch the larva eat leaves for a while and drop in the soil to pupate and eat decaying matter, mold&fungi, roots etc depending on species before they are adults and cycle starts again, this cycle can be less than 2weeks in good conditions. some species do very little damage like the ones we have here in north but some can do damage if left uncontrolled.

they like to live in wet to damp top soil so one thing that seems to slow them down immidietly is to mulch the soil with something that dryes fast like vulcanic rock and let the pot dry a bit more between waterings taking away there living space on the top inches of soil. there are thousands of thrip species so it is very hard to know how they live and damage your plant

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