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JUST SAYIN HI,been growing 35yrs!!!!!

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Hey their friends of green!!!

YOu may have seen me in a few magazines,i hang at icmag

and the cabana an a few other sites,been in 5 magz

Hightimes,weedworld,treatingyourself and flowerpix at icmag..

Have a look at a REAL GROW,here from the jungle in hell...

Hopefully we are about to get MED mj and then i will be free

to grow as i please or within plant count.....

Here you will see my massive SEA of GREENS ive done over the years!


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THats left....now right side!

Those are c99 x deisel's and it was a 63 lbs harvest!


Magazines ive done 2,3,4 full page spreads in 06'


icmag online printable magz flowerpix#3 an #6


franco posts over at the mag also,here was the #6 flowerpix!


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Not spamming here folks,just sayin hi.......

Retired and id like to travel like the strainhunters!

Cool site so i will stop by again have a good one!


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Hey man :) welcome to the family ;)

Some lovely looking SOG you had there dude :)

Looking forward to seeing some of your new growing conquests in action :) There could be much to learn from your experience my friend :)

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THanx man!

its a bit slow in here,thought id get a few replies?

i posted here just to start up but maybe should have posted

in the outdoor forum....but i grow in most mediums too..

Let me get ya some indoor grows in this thread!


THats the c99 x deisel grown under a 600w

Got unes of pics so let me find more!


THose ar white widows!!

Here is a close up of a really nice one!


Have had some good times and bad times,getting robbed an going to prison SUCKS.

ivTHese are G13hazes!!e been out a few years now,an just getting around the net..

You may know me from icmag or the cabana!

Thatose are some great sites with lots of traffic...

ANyways enjoy the pics!


Kinda sucks going 1 pic at a time,but my browsers old?

THis big monster was my LARGE LATE AFGHAN creation!


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Welcome on SH forum man!!

Aweosme collection of ictures you got there :) and like i told you in your other thread i hope we will see many more of it for a long time :) congratz too on the magazines appearance :) what do you grow for? i mean what do you do with your harvest, medical clubs or anything else?

If you have any problem on the forum just ask me and i'll do my best to help you out

Have a good discovering of the place, and if you have some GHS strains maybe give a try to the outdoor world cup with a garden like this it would make a nice report hehe ;)

See ya online

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THanx DUst!

i only sold locally for about 20 years so ,

had a good read with all the expeditions here!

Must be so cool to travel to remote areas for weed plants!

My browser an imac or to old so it really is slow here?

Never gotten any GH seeds yet,wouls love nevilles haze,to try

here in the jungle....those malawai i get from weedworld mag,

afropips seeds and got origanol haze from seedman im working on!

How about a shot of another indoor grow i did for yaz..


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well normally if your bandwidth is good the forum works pretty nicely even on old browsers, unless it is reallly old maybe lol but we don't often have the case so could not confirm at 100% ^^

for the pics i gave you a link in your other thread to upload pics in the same thread, will be faster than 1 by 1 ^^

Lovely plants once gaain, do you use indoor the same compost as outdoor? or nute lines?

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THanks for tryin DUST!

But i have 2 very old type browsers 1 IE 5.1 from the overgrow days...

and the other is a newer Camino browser,the only 1 i can get for my

old 2000 imac..another relic fro OG days haha,she still gets round though!

Oh,i never have used nute lines just my favorite fert MG!!

yup,i said Miracle gro huhuh....plus ofcorse the compost!!

Let me get another indoor shot for yazzz!!!


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looks like heavy colas ^^ how much lighting you have?

Hmm well with 2000 ages browser maybe indeed you could have troubles

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