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Road Dog


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Old time grower here, started in the late 60's as a boy, helping my older cousins by sitting watch on the fields and taking the harvest to the barn. (I didn't actually start smoking the stuff until '71.) I've had my hand in and out of it ever since. I've been an occassional reader of this forum and site but I finally decided to join so I can bs about landrace strains of weed,my favorite subject since the 70's.

These days I grow to keep some old family genetics alive. Basically they're a mix of old landraces that my relatives brought back from serving in S.E. Asia in the 60's and early 70's crossed with the standard imported weeds in the US at that time (Mexican, Panamanian, Colombian.....). From what I understand the strain I'm growing started with Burmese genetics in 1964?

I wish I had the version with the Korean cross from the early 70's,but it went out with it's developer,who died much too young. Other than the old Thai Stick and modern Northern Lights, the Korean cross would be the most potent strain of weed I've ever smoked.

I've got a chance to go legal in Colorado. I'm going to check it out later this year. If the laws out there allow outdoor grows, I'm heading west.

Anyhow, "Hey", as we say down here in the southern US of A.

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hi man welcome on SH forum :)

Glad to have another old timer member in our board :) i saw already some of your post and you seem to have lot of knowledge on older strains etc, thanks for sharing it and i hope soon i'll see one of your grow in a journal ;)

If you need anything on the forum just ask one of the mod and we'll try to help you out ;)

Keep on sharing :) Have a good discovering of the place

See ya online

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