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Hi again everyone its been a while.

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some of you will rememeber me from a while back, some wont. I unfortunately run into some bad luc k and lost everything to police scotland :spiteful: So had to temper my ativities online and the real world for what seems like forever. But no more Fuck it i love this shit and will repeat offend cos to resist is to survive. I look forward to restarting journals and such soon just got new premises sorted and buying/begging/borrowing and stealing equipment to fill it . We Shall Keep Glasgow Green.

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Welcome back bud. I still remember you mate but you been gone for a long time. Glad to have you back.
Sorry to hear about what happen.
Im looking forward to see your new work.


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Its been about a year Tokage. a long, long  tediously boring year. My lawyer has actually warned me against using the forums as the rotten mob are using them to gather eveidence against us. But due to the fact that not one mention of strainhunters was made throughout my trial nor anything related to any past posts which could easily have made for a better case for the prosecution in their attempts to establish that this was not my first time growing. I am making the judgement call that this site is safe to use. And therefore Im back . I have found out the hard way that as far as growing in the uk and getting caught the worst part of punishment for me was watching the fuckers destroy my babies . then destroy the set up (they simply cut the plants then tipped out the coco from the pots all over the floor! took all the ballasts  but only one reflector? of three willma's they took only the top part the pots sit on left the 3 res' full of nutes. took most of the nutrients except 1 unopened bottle of rhizotonic? and made quite a fuss over a tub of  ghe mineral magic even sending it to be analized at the lab (think they thought it was smack, who the fuck would add smack to their feeding regime ??) they also implied rather a lot of effort trying to establish if my plants came from cuttings as opposed to seeds as apparently this would provide proof of a higher level of organization on my part. On the electric front my career is over as i was a certified electrician my trade card has been removed due to the electricity act subcharge they added for tampering with the meter. Must add as well the power company were animals who disconnected my supply until i paid £1000 up front to reconnect.

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Strangest thing for me was being locked up in HMP Barlinnie, when i arrived after being allocated a hall i found my work placement was with the "garden party" I found myself growing bedding plants on a massive scale in huge poly tunnels that would be sold on at local markets. The nutrients being used were Canna and i took to it like a duck to water and the verbena, impatiens  and lobeiia were great therapy for me (just a pity couldn't smoke em) also got some really good tips from John the garden screw which i shall use to great effect as i begin resurrecting my own garden. 

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Well as i always say. Share only a few plants and never say anything about selling or place of grow and never tell who you are. Follow those rules will make it as safe it can be. Not talking about weight usually is a good idea.
Im really looking forward to see what will come out from your grow in the future.


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welcome back on board man nice to see you back!!

And damn police kept you away from this passion for a  whole year, but for sure once again growing love has been stronger than fear :) And maybre this is how we will win someday.. but in tyhe meantime i'm glad to see you and like tok i look forward to what you will have to share man ;)


Have a good REdiscovering ;)

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