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New StrainHunter Landrace lines should be regulars ONLY.

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Yow there. Just a little thought. I really think it's great what Arjan and Franco are doing, helping to preserve landraces, and establish a bank of them. But if and when the new landrace lines are released onto the market, it is my firm belief that they should be released as REGULAR SEEDS ONLY. To do so otherwise would be kind of contradictory to the whole principle of Strain Hunters, to preserve and disseminate these genetics and get a good gene pool.


There are plenty of great, great strain from Greenhouse already. If a customer wants feminized, they should go with one of those many options. But for the new Landrace genetics, I believe that you guys should morally really only release them as regular seeds , pure. 

Just my thoughts guys. Anybody else feel the same as me? 


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hi man, first of all !  Thanks for sharing your point of view peacefully :)


Your way of thinking makes sense in a way, it could be possible even if i don't believe it is planned.  What would really be contradictory from the Strainhunters Seedbank would be to have only feminized seeds with those landraces, in that cases i must say i would agree with you, but in the goal of preserving the genes, they are now in the seedbank bank so are saved forever hopefully, and by allowing both regular and feminized, we can make sure it will also be saved in many other growing places for as long!


Therefore i think the company can not ignore the fact that nowadays feminized seeds are the biggest part of the sales worldwide, not only because some people just can not afford to loose 30 to 70% of their plants depending on the male/female ratio, and also most of the growers nowadays are not really interested in breeding their plants and just want to supply themselves, which could be done with regular you are going to say maybe, but it is once again easier and faster with fem seeds, and if the strains are stable i really don't see objections at growing them :) :)


So i don't think they are really contradicting themselves, the regular lines will be here which is awesome for all the breeders and the people wishing to grow from reg, and the fem will be here for the other part of the market to still benefit from it. So hopefully the main goal of preserving and spreading willbe succeeded :rabbi: :rabbi:    and everyone is happy because both version are available ;)


But this is only my point of view as well :rabbi:

Have a good day man

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Greetings again. I am not against feminized seeds. I believe the Strain Hunters are doing a good job of supplying a market of demand. I am currently living in an urban environment, and I DO buy feminized seeds before. I am too poor to buy weed so I would much rather buy some fem seeds and grow them urbanlly.


But I guess the main point that I wanted to make was that if I wanted to buy feminized seed, I would just go with one of the Greenhouse or Strain Hunter hybrid strains, which I believe are BOMB ASS strains. There is so many to choose from: AMS, WW, Hawaiian snow, Chem Dawg etc.  Such a wide range of cannabinoids and flavours. Why would I want a feminised Landrace? It would just be like to grow as a novelty, but not really a novelty because you know it is altered, know what I mean?

I think Arijan and Franco must have thought about this and are thinking about this topic in their minds too.

Just to express myself some more. Peace

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I understand why feminized seeds are so popular, but I like to use regular seeds as well, specially landrace seeds, as I always use a male to generate more seeds for the future.  Also, this is the way mother nature wanted our seeds to be and I try to stay on the good side of mother nature at all times :bye:

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