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Stinky Pete

anyone have problems getting onto the site ???

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Since about 4 weeks ago I randomly get a message that says I'm not allowed to visit this community.

And then it happens for another 3 or 4 log in attempts. Only after I wait a while then I can log in, but then I get that message now and again when I browse through the forum.

Love and Light


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Just now again as I I got the mail and opened the link it said " You are not allowed to do that ". And underneath it, it said " you are not allowed to visit the community".

Its getting frustrating, cause every time I get a notification this shit happens. 4/10 times its fine.

Love and Light


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mm I Haven't heard of other cases of troubles to connect beside you stinky pete, so i would be tempted to say it comes from you? I know sometimes when people have troubles connecting it comes from their cookies having troubles or sometimes cache memory full and causing troubles to surf, try to restart your comp and make all the latest updates of your drivers it can help sometimes.


good luck man

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Ahoya Dust

Thanx for the input. When it comes to technology I am a complete idiot. I will check all my settings on my side and see what happens. Today has been a no problem day.

If it hasn't shown up anywhere else then its cool. Just needed to check if any similiar cases were heard off.

Love and Light


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