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1-2-2I just got some fertilizer ( two different kinds actually) from my local hydroponic store. One is for growth. The other is specifically for blooming. I mixed up a batch for the growth (as they are water soluble types) and applied it yesterday, when should I put the bloom on? I don't want to burn the plant. The growth fertilizer numbers are 3-0-8, and the bloom fertilizer numbers are 1-2-2. Any help with a schedule of some sort would be great.IMAG0495.thumb.jpg.801a3eda3a184e0864ca5b6eed604bc6.jpg

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Hi @PpPBud for grow shedule you have to chek the net after the brande of your nute they all give plan

when you put your plant on 12 h/12h there you start the bloom sorry if dont anderstand your question corectly

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the growth fertilizer 3-0-8 is not a standalone nutrient because it doesnt have phosphorous at all (the zero in middle ) you should be using them both together at different ratios in different stages of growth and bloom or you need to give the plants phosphorous from another source with the grow nutrients


also some of the micro nutrients that the plant needs might be in the bloom bottle like magnesium

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