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Before you begin, sorry for my English but I live in Spain and I and the English are not very friendly at the moment

Start de new crop of Green House with testing the variety White Lemon.
Before starting to crop up,i thank all the team of GH for giving us the privilege of test these genetics before the others,even in guinea rabbit mode hahaha2.gif

Day 0 (29/12/2011):

Prepare a solution of osmotic water and hydrogen peroxide and we balance the ph on 6.0.

After 12 hours in hidratation,seeds are passed on wet napkins for germination.When de radicle measure between 1 and 1.5 cm,passed the seeds on jiffy.

A list of important parameters of water on the first contact.

  • Ec 0.1 mS
  • pH 6.0
  • T 23ºC
  • 1ml/l of hydrogen peroxide

Some photos of process always glad the view and leave data more clear


When the seeds are ready for passed on jiffy,i will update the post.


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Good Luck!

The White Lemon is a very stable strain and with the ability to give you high yelds, enjoy!

Take care

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i'm sure she will be wonderful! best of luck milkmaker ;)

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awesome! Looking forward to this one!

La WL esta muy rica.... ;-)

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Happy New Year to all.

Now I have the White Lemon in jiffys.
It has taken a bit more than the other seeds that germinated with them but hey, do not think it relevant at all to grow just a little late and that's it.
48 hours have been necessary for a radicle seeds were long enough to pass them on to the jiffy, which have been hydrated with the following:

  • 1 ml / l of ATAMI RootFast
  • pH 6.0
  • Ec 0.18 mS
  • T 23 ° C
  • Osmotic water base

The conditions within the propagator are quite good for these first days, because we are out of the north wind (as always here) and we dry the air.
The room mothers at the moment I have a 37% humidity with the focus off, almost nothing


Some pictures of the process are sure to brighten the eye well

The newly germinated seeds, the best example of how special life is, is it possible that something is born there.




Some pictures of the jiffy, before and after being hydrated.



And finally, some pictures of the nursery where they are now, one of the propagator in the growing area and the last of the temperature controller for the propagator.



That's all folks, when they are outside the WL jiffys and show the first couple of false leaves, promise new photos.

Until then, greetings and sweet puffs.

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Welcome back guys.

It's been 2 days without update the thread, so we'll start with the values ??of these days.



These are the values ??that girls have these days.
From day 3 all the seedlings were out of the jiffy and head up.

I want to make a paragraph of something that spoke this afternoon on another thread about the two seeds that have been slow to germinate 24 hours more than the other one.
I want to keep good control of these 3 plants to see if the difference in germination, has something to do with the phenotypes.
I believe that if the seeds have been slower to germinate, is something that will be marked by the genes of the seed.
If you have taken but it is possible that the genes are different between them, so that we can find that the phenotypes are different.

The WL # 1 remember is that germinated in 24 hours and WL WL # 2 and # 3 took 48 hours.

With the photos that I leave then if I put each one which is not which is which Differentials.

White Lemon #1


White Lemon #2


White Lemon #3


With these photos I take leave until the next update, which will be soon.

Until then .................... Greetings and good smoked

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Very good, you see I come with something new.
I have decided to raise the crop daily information in this way because I see it more easily if we make comparisons between different days and that any clearer.
If we compare eg day 5 to day 20, only have to download the image and can be compared quickly.
With the lists was a bit boring.
Also, I added quite important moon information, such as moon phase and the organ stimulated every day.

As you can see in the photos, the seedlings have a good height to make the first transplant, but according to the lunary not a good time.

To transplant marijuana plants, the ideal is to do on day flower, which is the organ we want to encourage.
The lunar position, as with most transplants, is preferable to seek a moment of descending moon.
Thus, we do the transplant when the activity is below ground, causing less stress to the plant and the roots take less time to progress.
For the month of January and looking to do a liver transplant or, trying to keep the seedlings in jiffy to Saturday 7.
From Saturday January 7 at 22:00 pm until Monday 9 to 00:00 h, we have a great time to do so.
We have day flower and most importantly, 3 stars.
The more stars, more stimulating the body referred to as the constellation.
There are days 1.2 and 3 stars, so far we have chosen is suitable for transplantation.
Little by little you'll tell me more about the effects of the moon on our precious vegetables, such as the lunar calendar works for everyone can understand and tricks and techniques for holder to be used with the lunar calendar.

As you have seen in the two images actualizacón daily data, we continue with the seedlings in the propagator, but since yesterday esan propagator open hatches to get used to a little seedlings outside air.

Preparing and the time of transplantation, we have a bar of coconut hydrated and we have done a good washing.
Until the results of the drainage seemed to me not optimal, was followed by washing the coconut.
The amount of coconut that we wash is between 2.5 and 3 liters of substrate.
Yesterday I bought a few pots of 7x7x6.2 paqueñitas to make a first transplant and form a good root system with coconut and we are not going up plants.
There has been a first wash with 5 liters water + CANNAFLUSH CANNA osmosis (4 ml / l). The CANNAFLUSH lowers the pH of the water a lot and as I have fluid pH + I do with baking.
By adding baking soda, salt and we are adding Ec goes up poco.Para the first irrigation, have a pH of 5.6 and an EC of 0.37mS in Irrigation.
All risks, whether washed or not, are made with a spray of 3 liters, for me, the best friend of canabicultor in irrigation.
When we applied the first 5 gallons of wash water drains do a check and obtain a pH of 7.2 and an EC of 0.42mS.
I leave reflected in a list to interpret quickly.

  • Amount of wash water 5L
  • pH 5.6 irrigation
  • Ec irrigation 0.37mS
  • drainage pH 7.2
  • Drainage Ec 0.42mS

As the pH value of the drain I do not like and want to get off the Ec but before you start, prepare other 5L of water, this time with no additives, only osmotic water.
In this second washing, the pH was adjusted to 5.5 and 0.03 Ec.
As you see, by not adding bicarbonate to raise pH level of salts in the water to nothing.
Once applied these 5L, vovlemos to check the drains.
The Ec we have dropped to 0.05 and pH 7.Seguimos high pH, â??â??therefore we are not finished with the laundry.

  • Amount of wash water 5L
  • irrigation pH 5.5
  • Ec irrigation 0.03mS
  • 7 pH drainage
  • Drainage Ec 0.05mS

Come up with a third washed with an extremely low pH in an attempt to lower the pH of the substrate.
On this occasion, prepro 2 liters of water to wash osmotic with a pH of 3.4 and an EC of 0.14mS.
Here we observe that the Ec goes up a little longer than expected but still it is good to wash Ec.
After applying the 2 liters of water, drainage recheck and now if we are more than pH 6 and Ec satisfechos.Tenemos 0.08mS into drains.
We are almost ready to grow substrate.
I say almost because the substrate is now soaked with water.
Need a minimum of 24 hours to air a bit.
To help aerate, we remove it by hand to make it all the substrate rather loose and fluffy.
Come up with a list of the data and finish with the wash.

  • Amount of wash water 2L
  • irrigation pH 3.4
  • Ec irrigation 0.14mS
  • drainage pH 6
  • Drainage Ec 0.08mS

You may be given some food in the first transplant offering some vermicompost mixed with coconut.

Sure, some Malec YOU ARE I roll the bones that I have gone and you want to see photos now.
Well here we leave them.

Before starting with the photos I want to crop 2 images coco brick
. The first image is from the coconut that gave me problems with the evil of the nursery recently.
This is not to say it's a bad product, sure there are people that works well, but gave me problems.
The second image is of the bricks that I used whenever I needed coconut and have never given me problems.
In addition, the latter comes with neem cake and some beneficial fungi (being dehydrated suppose these come in the form of fungal spores because if I do not understand how they survive).



A photo of the day with the spray washing (if you do spray, build patience before starting because it is a bit boring)


A photo of the garden as a whole (who would say that misery, I will take more than one trip)


And finally, a photo of the girls in this test, they look like the damn fine.


This is all peers. I hope this update has been to your liking and serve you something that all information provided.

Greetings and happy smokes

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We're here again. Sorry for the abandonment of monitoring but between parties, orgies and the odd little problem with my mother, I'm out of time for follow-up.

First I leave the table for the 3 days of absence to go to see the culture conditions.




Has finally arrived when expected, on Saturday night to transplant the first pot, 0.3L in this case.
The substrate for this first transplant is:

  • 70% cocoa powder, well washed beforehand.
  • 20% vermicompost.
  • 10% Vermiculite.

The coconut itself is a sutrato inert, devoid of nutrients and the need to provide us. So, I decided to add 20% of humus lomriz to provide a significant amount of nitrogen to plants.
By adding humus, we must be careful with the doses of fertilizer, as a part of nitrogen have provided it. So I decide to add half of the minimum dose that makes the manufacturer. In addition, irrigation water, I added root stimulator to the maximum dose to try to take root quickly and can suffer 15 days to 0.7L pots that will not be final.
The substrate also has added 10% vermiculite. In this case we would like vermiculite perlite. The role is the same, provide sponginess to the substrate and retain water.

The nutrient solution consists of the following:

  • 0.05mS osmotic water.
  • 0.25ml / l Calcium CANNA MONO.
  • 1.5ml / l ATA COCO MAX A + B
  • 1 ml / l ATA RootFast
  • pH 6.0
  • Ec 1.13mS

Once the transplant, irrigate the nutrient solution, so that irrigation drain water in abundance, to bring a bit of salt which gives us the vermicompost. With this, all I get is that plants do not suffer excessive Eq
When checking the dreanjes, I actually have dragged many salts, but the pH is not as optimal as I stopped to wash the coconut.
For the next irrigation, look for a pH of 5.7 - 5.8 in the irrigation water to try to lower the pH of the substrate a little. This increase in pH in the drains, comes to adding worm castings.

  • Drainage pH 6.8
  • Drainage Ec 2.45mS

Given all the information in these 3 days of absence, leave with some pictures:

A photo of the closet where they will be plants. Now is 80cm in height, but the shelf is removable and can leave the cabinet at 1.6 m.


A photo of the substrate prior to mixing with the 3 elements in a container.


Now if, as we go with the pictures of plants, some are indeed a pint is amazing.

White Lemon #1



White Lemon #2



White Lemon #3



This is all colleagues, I hope you enjoy the track like me to do it.
Greetings and good smoke.

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Sorry I could not update before but for various reasons at this time I could only write holiday data in my notebook, but I have not had time to upload and more difficult to translate. I hope I apologize for being unable to meet the test properly.

Santos: Thank you. We hope to have it

Romeu9: Thank you very much, we will treat them with care and hope that never disappoints.

Fuzzy: I hope to enjoy a good smoked with White Lemon

MisteHaze: I hope it's to your liking

Dust: I hope to enjoy their buds

DKH: Good luck and good hands is what we need these marijuana

franco: It is my pleasure to have you as fans of the test.

A hug for you all. It is a pleasure to have a following like you for this test.

Enjoy your grass and we are in a very short time.

Greetings and good smoke crying

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Hello elektro,

The problem is that I waited for an optimal moon and it took 2 days to transplant more

This week,the moon is down and waning and the plants stretch slight


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Anyway, the white lemon does that. It stretches like a true SCROG plant she is.

Altough she performs well on a free grow or with other super-cropping techniques.

Distance from top soil to first internode (not cotyledon) of the White Lemon is bigger wen compared to many strains.

They will get back and catch the #3 lemon, good luck!

Take care

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Hello Romeu9

The Lemon #3 is more tall of the others.

If I have any problem with it,i move the plant at the outdoor in 2 months in a 15 L pot with a mesh SCROG mounted.

For any problems, there is a solution cool

Greetings and good smoke smiley

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We're here again. I have to try to spend every day because this can not be, I work with 3 follow up, 2 translated into English for this forum

The other day I forgot to comment on a thing of the transplant. Come up with some information biodynamic.

On 1 transplant was performed at 1:00 o'clock in the morning. Some will think I'm a little crazy. The reason to perform the transplant at this time is that I wanted to do the transplant day flower, moon and low tide down.
On Sunday at 1:00 is fulfilled all the conditions it needs. On Saturday at 22:00 we enter day flower and from Friday at 22:47, we are descending moon. Furthermore, it was great because we were still within the effects of the rising moon, so at 1:00 on Sunday was an ideal time for the transplant.

Now I'm going with some of my stories taken from his pocket and that the partner who shares GVX see me. According to many followers of biodynamics, you can pay with a fire sign, others say it's change to a constellation of fire. I think these are things that are written to give, or rather, try to give more concepts to a lunar calendar for the simple fact to sell more, because really there is nothing proven.

The plants are now serving 12 days and begin to open wide. At this time I have dropped a few inches so that they focus more light, less and climb stretching temperatures between 1 and 1.5 ° C

I go with the tables and leave you daily that you are going to dinner.


This is all colleagues today, tomorrow if I have a moment go up more pictures.


PS: Do not trust climbed daily tables above, some have some information wrong moon. When can and will modify up with this new model.

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Here we go again, I take time as I can but that's how I like doing things, can happen every day.

We first of all with the daily chart for the data. You can check that these few cm down the lamp, we have uploaded a little maxims.


Today they could have taken a risk, but this is a fire sign (Leo) and I prefer to wait until tomorrow that we are facing an earth sign (Virgo) much better to irrigate and fertilize.

Now I'm going to put some wire so as not to bend, stretch the transplant was a mistake that should be fixed now, but I'll manage without problems.

Today I have taken some photos of the girls, are opening slowly.

I leave here I know that some you like

White Lemon #1


White Lemon #2


White Lemon #3


Overview of the Garden


This is all stoners, until the next update.

Greetings and good smoke

PS: The tray is a little dirty, tomorrow when you water the cleanse

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Hey peers,how are you?
First of all, the table of culture conditions and the lunary.


As I said yesterday, today if you have watered the girls. This is a sign of land, allowing us to fertilize without problems.

I've just started ATAMI fertilizers and I do not like, at least from seed. A fertilizer can not give an EC of 1.4 mS using half the dose that makes the manufacturer. This is not to say that from cuttings is a bad fertilizer, but from seed are too hard for my taste. As I have said many times ......... I LOVE HESI sLo_love.gif

I add a list of what has raised the Ec each component and the dose per liter in each case in parentheses.

  • Base Ec (osmotic) 0.05mS
  • ATA COCO MAX B 0.67mS (2ml)
  • ATA COCO MAX A 1.38mS (2ml)
  • ATA ROOTFAST 1.42mS (0.5ml)

As you can see in the list, the 2-component fertilizer ATA raises the Ec outrageous with half the recommended dose, especially with the component A.
We can also observe that in the list, I have first the component B and then A. The reason is to add the PK and then the other. I do not usually bear this in mind, but in the 2-component fertilizers always add former that more PK contains.

As we detailed the variation of Ec with each product, we now have the list of water conditions.

  • water Ec 1.42mS
  • water pH 5.9
  • Water temperature 21 ° C
  • Drainage Ec 2.40mS
  • Drainage pH 6.6

The drainage Ec is very high. Now I realize I should not add to the substrate Worm Humus because this fertilizer have food to spare. If things get ugly, I have to wash the roots and transplanted earlier than planned.

As you have seen in some pictures, some of the plants are very spindly and began to have trouble standing endure. The system we use in these cases, often adding tutors to support them, but there are always problems to tie and hold the thread.
On this occasion, a piece of wire was sufficient to hold them up perfectly. (Thanks for your articles Coolgrower Soft Secrets - Mothers bonsai under LED) wink.gif

Here are some pictures of the plants with wire attached. You can see that are perfectly placed.

White Lemon #2


White Lemon #3


I hope that this follow up is useful for someone, although useful for one person. u4jchina.gif

So far today's update, you enjoy it.

Greetings thumb.gif

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wonderful plants and very detailed infos man!!

Thanks for the time and devotion in your reports ;)

Have a great veg man

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Dust: Hello man,thank you for your visit in my test. I put very love on my plants,can not fail this test ;)

Greetings and good smoke

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Hello all of new.
We go with other update. Before started,i have a subsection. Tomorrow,I will show I as get a batch of cuttings with the help of tide and the process for plant on jiffys,also with hekp of tide.

Table of culture and lunary for start:


The irrigation of yesterday,seems they sat very good and today, I see the roots below the pot in a par of seedlings. Above were also seen pulling hard going now. We pass the first trasplant with 100% vitality.
Also the moment of the transplant was successful with lunar conditions and this has helped rolleyes.gif

I can not take pictures and here come with a photo of each. I love this plant, I am pleased to see it grow and I am pleased to smoking after. sFun_loco2.gif

White Lemon #1


White Lemon #2


White Lemon #3


What you see on the last photo in leaf of more above.................yes!!!is a red spider. When i entering the photos in the PC I have seen it because I had not realized was there. Yesterday,launched 3 cuttings did not need because they were infected with a little red spider. The spider who escaped to go the trash want Lemon to eat hahaha.maki.gif

This is all for today peers. Today has been brief,but tomorrow guarantee you will be extensive.ohnoes.gif

Greetings and good smoke.thumb.gif

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Very good growers, today I bring info .......... buff.gifbuff.gif

First as always, table day


Let the photos first and then the surprise I have prepared.

Today I bring photos of each plant with its root system. It's a fair bit, but I have thought on Monday afternoon, passing the 0.7l pot plants.
The transplant will be on at 08:00 PM . Transplants advise them in the evening, is the time when the energies descend and land based. Some will think this guy is crazy buff.gifhahaha2.gif
As I said, transplant about 8:00 p.m. on Monday 16, just after the last quarter and at a time Root and grade 3. We also have moon and down bailing tide then, I think it is an optimal time when be repeated will later, and I do not happen to me as the first transplant.

Come with photos:

White Lemon #1



White Lemon #2



White Lemon #3



Root systems in a couple of days I think will be strong enough to transplant.

That's all for today it comes to follow up.

Now I'm going with the surprise. Some of you will already know ................. on the cuttings.

Today is not a good day to make cuttings if we assume that it is advisable to cut-the last day of the rising moon and plant-the first day of the descending moon. As for days that we are down, we looked at the tides.
I only used the high tide at 11:45 am today to cut and leave the cuttings in a glass with water until 18:15 p.m. when we have the tide bailing in the afternoon, taking also the theme of the evening energy flow down and land based.

First in the morning, at 9:00 pm, mothers were hydrated with the following mixture:

  • osmotic water
  • 0.25ml / l Calcium CANNA
  • 0.20ml / l Magnesium CANNA
  • 2ml / l PowerZyme HESI
  • Irrigation Ec 0.28mS
  • Irrigation pH 5.9
  • Drainage Ec 1.18mS
  • Drainage pH 6.4
  • Water temperature 21 ° C

Cutting the cuttings at 11:45 am hydration have been in a glass of water with an osmotic 0.04mS Ec and pH of 5.8. The initial water temperature was 20 ° C.

At the time of passing the jiffy, cook 2 mixtures, the hydration of the jiffy and disinfection of cuttings.

Water of hydration for jiffy:

  • osmotic water
  • 0.25ml / l Calcium CANNA
  • 0.20ml / l Magnesium CANNA
  • 5ml / l Root Stimulator HESI
  • pH 6.2
  • Ec 0.28mS
  • Water temperature 21 ° C

Water disinfection:

  • osmotic water
  • pH 5.8
  • Ec 0.05mS
  • 2.5ml / l Azaprot (because it had opened a few days ago, any neem oil is valid).

For the preparation of water disinfection, it is important to calibrate the pH before adding the oil. If we measure to the added oil, it forms a film around the sensor that measures pH, and we will make a mistake pH. If you test, you will see that adding acid pH down, it costs much lower, but if you check the pH test drops, you will have probably already in the red

Knowing all the mixes I've done, you just need to see the video montage to see how the cuttings are made.

This is all friends, until the next wink.gif

Greetings thumb.gif

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Nothing to say, perfect so far as last time ;)

Have a good grow man

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Growers................Greetings, I'm here of new.


Today I have no many things to tell. I would like I have a preview of the calendar scheduled for transplant before flowering and the things I have in mind but I prefer to wait, lest when the day comes that I run out of arguments hahaha2.gif

Outside is doing a cold as hell and this affects our plants, at least the ones we take clean outdoor air. Today at 6:00 we were at -4 º C outside, the indoor, you see that we have not fallen as much but it shows the cool outdoor.
Tomorrow, as I said, I do the second transplant 0.7L pot, but this is not yet final. Missing a last transplant on round 1.3 liter pot.
Round pots have the advantage that when the root reaches the edge of the pot, it is much easier to turn a square pot. This means that the roots take less time to develop (I do not think that will grow twice as fast) and this in turn implies that the part air has more energy to develop.
I had never taken into account, the pot was always square, giving head and researching a bit thanks to Saint Google, I come to this conclusion.
Here you have a photo of the White Lemon # 3. It's starting to take the first shoots, I am concerned that these are a good size before Saturday February 4 in order to save them until the Lemons tasting, who knows if we can get a good mommy.

White Lemon #3


Do not advance any more, today was brief.

Until next time.

Greetings thumb.gif

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