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I'm julien from France, it is my second experience of growing indoor...

fist one was twenty years ago... and second one started a week or 10 days ago....

im trying libertyhaze ( barneysfarm ), and critical 2.0 ( zativo )with aeroponic system 5 plant...

im facing beginners troubles, but keep learning from mistakes... and still have some more seeds..., in case bigger troubles could happen again...

my space is very limited, but hope I can auto produce  soon...


happy to be here nd share with u...


have a good day, evening, or night...;-)





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Welcome to SHF. Nice of you to share your growth. I wish you luck on your upcoming ladys. And again welcome to the best forum in the world. 


Best regards 


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Welcome to StrainHunters.  We are happy to have you here.


That is a cute grow cabinet you have there.  It appears to be a simple shelfing cabinet that you have adapted for the purpose of a grow cabinet.  I am curious about how well sealed it is.  I see that you have used foil tape to seal the corners at the back of the cabinet, but I am curious about the seal at the sliding doors.  Can you take another picture of it at night in the dark with the doors closed and the grow-lamps ON inside it to see if it leaks light? 


What lamp are you using?  And are you having problems with controlling temperature and humidity?


I see the circulation fan sitting inside it.  Circulation is always good.  But do you also provide for air exchange with the outside air when the doors are closed?  Eventually, the plants will need to have fresh air so that they can get CO2.


And what will you do when they begin to produce smells?  Will you use a carbon filter?  Or maybe the smell is not an issue where this cabinet is sitting.


I encourage you to go ahead and open a grow journal in the category "Grow Journals Indoor".  Your equipment and techniques are interesting and well worth documenting.  I believe others will certainly be interested in watching as well.


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Welcome to the forum,

While space is limited, you can get good buds :) The hydro system always brings better results (if used well) than the classic substrate (soil) crop.

Important to use varieties that do not ramify a lot (to avoid space problems). I think it will be interesting to see how everything evolves.

Greetings and enjoy the forum!

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