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Flowering haze

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Beautiful flower, @Green finger.


Hey friend, I just now helped you out a little bit by moving this Topic "Flowering Haze" into the Category called "Grow Journals Outdoor".

You had already started a Topic in the Introduce Yourself Category called "Underdog".  That's fine.  There was really no need to open successive topics in the Introduce Yourself Area, and this Topic looked like a great start to a grow journal, so that's why I moved it.

This will help you to get going in the right direction within the forum.


Please do keep posting updates for this particular grow right here in this thread, because we do want to see how your beautiful plant progresses.


And when you do start another set of plants, please feel free to open even more new Topics.


I encourage you to surf around the forum under the "Browse" button to become acquainted with all the Categories available.


If thus far you have accessed StrainHunters only over a Smartphone, I do encourage you to try it on a computer or laptop for a more enjoyable experience.


Happy Growing!

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