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Hi guys I am writing to you because I need help, I am having problems with my last crop, but I am not good at recognizing the problems of nutrition I post some photos and all the data as requested, I do not know if it is a deficiency or an excess

I am using my usual scheme for increasing ec and ph (THAT SUITABLE FOR THE TIME OF GROWTH)

but probably not suitable for this genetics. I await advice thanks in advance

EC and Ph scale for Auto 8 weeks

1^ W  EC 400 to 600 Ph 5.5  ROOTS/TRUE LEAVES

2^ W EC 600 to 900 Ph 5.5  GROW

3^ W EC 900 to 1100 Ph 5.5 PREFLOWEING

4^ W EC 1100 to 1300  Ph 5.5  PREFLOWEING/FLUSH 24 H/ FLOWERING

5^ W EC 1300 to 1500 Ph 5.8 FLOWERING

6^ W EC 1500 to 1800 Ph 5.8 FLOWERING

7^ W EC 1800  Ph 5.8 FLOWERING


Information :


·         Time of light 18/6 from start to finish;

·         one plant has yellowing leaves that dry out (I will post the photo below), the other plants begin to show yellowing in the larger leaves but less than the other;

·         Hydroponic system RDWC 4;

·         Temp day 26/28° Night 20/22°;

·         Umidity 27/50% ;

·         Nourishment GHE Terra Aquatica three-component (GROW;MICRO;BLOOM);

·         Ec and Ph of this week (3^ week)  EC=797 Ph= 6.12; EC=833 Ph=5.81; EC= 871 Ph=5.39; EC=912 Ph=5.36; EC=1000 Ph=5.62;

·         2X HIPARGERO 450W + 2X HIPARGERO 800W (new led economic but very powerful);

·         Tent 1.2 m;

·         2 fans and an aspirator, both 24 hours on;


if you need more information or I forgot something please ask thanks again a greeting


The offending plant is the BB3A (now I cut the leaves that were drying)




















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@Gangiabro the information you have provided has plenty of detail which will help someone to diagnose the problem.

Whatever has happened with those leaves the plants look nice and healthy otherwise your doing a good job there.

Unfortunately I am not much help I grow in soil but from the images of the damaged fan leaves and the information over at Grow Weed Easy on the plant doctor diagnose you plants page it looks like it could have been caused by a fluctuation in the PH of the feed solution.

PH fluctuations page

Hopefully someone with more growing experience will be able to provide an answer.


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